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Is being able to make a cracking sound by rotating your wrists normal?


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no, not really, you may have a broken bone in your wrist, if it hurts, you should just get it checked at by a docter to be sure.


No, but a lot of people can do it, there is nothing wrong with your wrist, i had the same thing and saw a doctor about it, and it is just your cartilage (the stuff in between your joints, so you can move them smoothly) letting out the air bubbles in it. Don't worry :)

Answer 2 :- I think this question is less about the popping from nitrogen bubbles and more about the tendons catching on the edges of bones as they move across them then suddenly letting go and snapping across the bones producing sound and a or a grinding sensation and possibly pain. It may be called crepitus. I have had this in a very big way in allot of joints including wrists and ankle joints for a long long time especially walking up stairs and ankles cracking. I have spent many thousands of pounds on body work treatments as well as supplements, and have recently found that taking some bio available silica liquid supplement is changing it for the better and quickly too. This is the only thing out of allot of things I've tried that has worked really well. My best guess is that its improving the elasticity of the connective tissue.

Silica was recommended to me by a mctimony chiropractor. Actually the first mctimony chiropractors daughter who is also a chiropractor.


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