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No. The person must have a reason for feeling this way and only a psychologist could really diagnose this person. There are many "straight people" out there that question their sexuality at times. I'll give you a few examples: If some young men were brought up by a mother only and sisters then he could well feel more feminine than masculine if there wasn't a male mentor involved in their lives and this can work with a young woman brought up by a father and brothers. In fact, a male can take on the body actions of the female in this case or a female can be a "tomboy". If someone is having problems dating women (or men) they may think something is wrong with them (they are probably just picking the wrong opposite sex.) They may questions themselves and think "why not, more women (or men) are attracted to me, so I must be gay." If your appearance is either feminine than masculine or in the case of a woman, more masculine than feminine, then some people feel they should act the part. If more than one person has made a comment they feel this person has got to be gay then the person will become brain-washed and question their sexuality. Not all people have a high sex drive (more are about average and some can have a low sexual drive.) Some people may feel there must be something wrong with them if their sex drive is low, and other than knowing you have a disease such a Diabetes which can cause a low libido, it's simply all about the amount of estrogen or progesterone one has in their body. Doctors can help in this area. A talk with your doctor is the best way to go. It sounds like you are confused, so before labeling yourself please seek professional help. Don't be afraid! If you are not gay that's great, but, if you are, always remain true to yourself. Gay people are being more widely accepted than ever before. I live in British Columbia, Canada and gay marriages are allowed here. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Is being paranoid about being gay without any evidence a sign of delusional disorder?
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