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Yes, it is one of the many signs of pregnancy.

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Q: Is being tired and sleepy part of pregnancy?
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What part of speech is the word sleepy?

Sleepy is an adjective; it modifies nouns.

What part of speech is tired in you are extremely tired?

very tired

What part of speech is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a noun.

What part of speech is tired?


Can being grouchy more often a sign of pregnancy?

it could be. depends. if you're a teen it could be part of teen hood. i get gouchy for no reason. try to take a pregnancy test

Is dizziness a part of pregnancy?

its a part of dehydration

Is breaking out around your neck and chest part of being pregnant?

It is not a symptom of pregnancy. Although it is not uncommon during pregnancy though. Try using an anti-breakout acne-wash to help.

Is being tired a part in puberty?

yes due to the fact that your body uses alot of energy at this time and you are doing most of your growing at this time also

Is cramping a part of pregnancy?


What part of speech is tired in She kept playing music in order not to feel tired?

Tired is an adjective in this case.It can also be a verb (the past tense of the verb "tire")

Could you be pregnant if your period is eight days late and your breasts are sore and you are tired and moody but have no other symptoms of pregnancy?

you should either buy a home pregnancy kit or go to the doctor--- most women don't get symptoms of pregnancy-- i call them the lucky one... but sore breast and moody and missed of preiod is part of pregnancy good luck Very possible. You will need to take a HPT to know for sure.

Why do my legs from the knees to bottom part feel so tired?

They could just be tired. It could be muscle soreness from being on them all day and from walking on hard surfaces without adequate cushioning. It could also be a problem with the nerves or circulation.

What part of speech is 'that' in 'he said that he was tired'?

This sentence is a reported sentence and 'that' is a conjunction. It introduces the 'that clause' - he was tired.

Does being bloated lst in the first few weeks of pregnancy only?

No, it normally lasts for quite a large part of the first trimester

The year Cheer Up Sleepy Jean was made?

The name of the song is, "Daydream Believer", by The Monkees and was released in 1967. The words "Cheer up sleepy Jean" are part of the lyrics.

Will your breasts leak in the beginning of pregnancy?

No, breasts leak in the latter part of pregnancy.

What part of speech is the word tired?

Depends on the context. If its something like, "she tired me" then its a verb. If its something like, "I am tired" then its an adjective. Hope this helps...Tired is not a verb it is an adjective.The verb is tire. The sentence should be she tires me.The past tense of the verb "tire" is "tired".

In The Legend of Sleepy Hollow part of the exposition includes describing the legend behind?

in "the legend of sleepy hollow",part of the exposition includes describing the legend behind -- In other words The Galloping Hessian of the Hollow or more commonly known as the Headless Horseman.

What part of the eye causes your eyes to feel tired?

Your eyelids.

Are hot and cold flashes part of morning sickness?

yes, hot flashes can be part of your pregnancy symptoms related to morning sickness, i had hot flashes and nausea with my last pregnancy when i was 42, doctor informed me that you can have hot flashes as part of symptoms of pregnancy.

What did Sean Flynn being 18 have to do with him leaving Zoey 101?

really nothing i think. from what i've heard he didn't want to be a part of Jamie's pregnancy.

What is the best part of pregnancy?

getting pregnant

Can bloating be harmful in pregnancy?

no, it is all part of the 1st couple of months of pregnancy, and sometimes more.

What is the verb in the sentence he seems to be tired?

Seems is the verb. To be tired is a verbal phrase, a verb form functioning as another part of speech in this sentence.

Why did the western part of the roman empire collapse?

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