Is bell witch based on a true story?

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Do you mean The Blair Witch Project? No, it's a pure work of fiction. Some of it's inspiration may have come from old American folk tales of paranormal events that took place in the 19th Century (most of which were probably either made up completely or else grossly exaggerated, and in any case could never be proved), but it's not based on a real story, no.
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Is the fugitive based on a true story?

The answer has long been in dispute. The belief remains that the series was based on the tragic case of Dr. Sam Sheppard, accused of killing his wife in 1954. However, series creator, Roy Huggins, has denied that the show was based on Sheppard. Yes. was an American osteopathic physician [2] and n ( Full Answer )

Was Poseidon based on a true story?

No. Poseidon [2006] & its original The PoseidonAdventure [1972] were based on a book written by Paul Gallico in 1969.

Is Titanic based on a true story?

Most things in Titanic are true. The way the Titanic sank, some of the first-class passengers, and even some of the crew member names were real. But the story of the "Heart of the Ocean" and the love story in Titanic was fiction.

Is hatchet based on a true story?

Hatchet is a fictional book that is meant to be inspirational to young readers. Gary Paulsen (the author) did, however, was inspired by different events in his lifetime to compose parts of the book. You can read Gary Paulsen's book Gu ts to get an understanding of his inspirations.

Is the Poseidon based on a true story?

Actually, there are many incidents that could have easily been similar to this. The RMS (Royal Mail Steamer) Queen Mary was hit by a rouge wave out in the North Atlantic. It was calculated that if it had tipped five inches further, it would have capsized like Poseidon.

Is the Blair Witch Project a true story?

Answer No it is not a true story for it says that it was directed and the movie was shot at different places other than one woods. Answer No, it is completely fictional. It was just advertised as a true story so more people would go see it. No,at the end of the movie after the credits ( Full Answer )

Was The Blair Witch Project based on a true story?

No. It was filmed with actors. No. If you follow the creek downstream in Burketsville, MD, eventually you will reach the Potomac River. NO, it's just a work of fiction.

Is Narnia based on a true story?

Narnia is fiction of a supernatural type. A sort of gunned-up or amplified fantasy akin to those of Lewis Carrol or J.Frank Baum ( writers of Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz).

Is Hostel based on a true story?

No, the Hostel movies are not based on a true story. They are labeled "based on a true story," but this is essentially a lie. Writer/director Eli Roth got the idea for the Hostel movies from a website that a friend showed him. The website advertised a "murder vacation" in Thailand, where for $1 ( Full Answer )

Is castaway based on a true story?

The movie, 'Castaway' is not based on a true story. This moviestars Tom Hanks, which movie won him many awards.

Was speak based on a true story?

Laurie Halse Anderson was raped 3 months before her ninth grade year. She based the book on what happened to her.

Is scarface based on a true story?

The real story behind the movie Scarface The movie Scarface with Al Pacino, and directed by Brian DePalma, is based on a true story that was still evolving about the time the movie was shot. This real life story is very violent, and started a couple of years before the movie was shot. The real life ( Full Answer )

Was The Exorcist based on a true story?

It was based on a story that may or may not be true. The movie The Exorcist was based on a novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty. The novel is based on the real-life attempt of a priest to exorcise a demon from a young boy (the boy was around the same age Reagan was in the movie). Whet ( Full Answer )

Is 2012 based on a true story?

yes its true the Mayan calander ends 21st of December 2012.Also the mayans talk about the end of a time cycle not the end of the world. Many people are making up lies to get money

Is precious based on a true story?

no, it is based on a novel written by a former literacy teacher, the character however is based on a compssite of women that the teacher came across, so although the story itself is nto true perse the events that take place within sadly are.

Is Coraline based on a true story?

No.. It is a British-American 3D movie that is based on a fiction novel called Coraline by an English author, Neil Gaiman..

What books are based on true stories?

Here are some true-stories that have minor profanity (damn or hell) and no sexual content. (more child related) . Ten True Animal Rescues by Jeanne Betancourt (for 1-3 graders) . Twenty and Ten by Clarie Huchet Bishop (for 1-3 graders) . Number the Stars by Lois Lowry . Night Running by El ( Full Answer )

Was transformers based on a true story?

Yes. Transformers started out as a Hasbro toy line then was made into a Marvel comic book series, then a TV series, then they came to life and started having robot death matches and then came the movies. All hail Megatron

Is Candyman based on true story?

No, Candyman is not based on a true story. It's based on Clive Barker's short story, "The Forbidden."

Is Armageddon based on a true story?

No, the movie Armageddon is not based on a true story. If a comet had really come that close to hitting Earth, but been thwarted by a bunch of astronauts, you wouldn't have to ask this question. You would have heard about it already. It's important to remember that exciting stuff like huge disast ( Full Answer )

Does Hornblower based on a true story?

No. Horatio Hornblower was a character created by author C. S. Forrester, who wrote a series of novels about him. There were some historical things in the novels which were true, as they were mainly set during the period of the Napoleonic Wars.

Is Rambo based on a true story?

I don't think so ( I'm 11 but trust me I've seen it thousands of times I'm watching it now ) but u can see how are men and woman suffer in the military keeping us safe

Is valkrie based on a true story?

The movie "Valkyrie" was predicated upon historic facts . The July 20th bomb plot to kill Hitler was true . Below is a related link to additional information regarding the assassination plot .

Was Dracula based on a true story?

It was roughly inspired by the real person Vlad 'The Impaler' Dracul, but the story/movie Dracula it's self is a work of fiction.

Is Unstoppable based on a true story?

Unstoppable is based on a real runaway train incident from May 2001 when a 47 car CSX train left a Toledo, Ohio rail yard without an engineer and wasn't stopped until it had ran 66 miles through three counties.

Was Beowulf based on a true story?

Its not specified specifically but some say it is some say its not. Answer: A story based on ogres, trolls, dragons, and heros that can survive under water etc. is not likely to be based on truth. Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre where the true bits are that there is a Texas and they do make chains ( Full Answer )

Is frozen based on a true story?

Yes, It is based on a true story. It was about 3 people in Austria stuck on a ski lift in some resort. :)

Is the rite based on a true story?

No, It was not based on that actual event like it showed on the movie The Rite, But true events have happened with exorcism attacks and demon killings like ones on the movie The Exorcist.

What films are based on a true story?

Usually any film labeled non-fiction in the film database could be based on a true story. Hollywood takes a lot of liberties with plot and characters though. For instance, "The World's Fastest Indian" was based on the life of Burt Munro, a real person. The film is riddled with errors to make the sto ( Full Answer )

Was Godzilla based on a true story?

Considering at no time in history has a radiation infused firebreathing lizard grown to gigantic proportions and heaped death& destruction upon Japan, Obviously not.

Is the help based on a true story?

No. In fact the author is white and did not even live during that time. She is too young. Yes, it's also a best seller. And based on a true non fiction ACTUAL Book.

Which games are based on true stories?

All top / new selling games are not based on a true story. However, you will find a jack the rapper game on the Nintendo DS.

Is kenji based on a true story?

Yes it is based on a true story. It´s about Mikes grandfahter.... "Now the names has been changed but the story is true..."

Was Narnia based on a true story?

Narnia is a fictional dominion, created by C S Lewis, in which an allegory of the Bible story of sin, and redemption is set.

Is the possession based on a true story?

yes the actual plot about it is not there wasn't really a possession like in the trailer but the true event is a man buys an ublic box from a yard sell and one day opens it by mistake thinkng it was something else well when he opened it paranormal stuff happened he was scratched, nightmares, footste ( Full Answer )

Is evangaline based on a true story?

No. ( It is the romanticized soap tragedy of a mythical Acadienmaiden whitewashes a sea of blood.) Longfellow knew the details ofhis families benefits from that horrible forced removal How couldthey hide the Colonial genocide of the French Neutral farmingnations from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia 175 ( Full Answer )

Is sinister base on a true story?

No it is a work of fiction. The idea for the story came to thewriter, Scott Derrickson, from a nightmare he had after watchingThe Ring.