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Yes BigFish Games are virus and I had to pay £100 to get them of my PC. BEWARE


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Bigfish Games offers a variety of games and genres. They have puzzle, adventure, arcade, and even family games for both mac and PC, and even some options for iPhones/iPads.

The Bigfish Game website is a game with free online games. The games, available for everyone, are fun and are different genres. There are racing games, fighting, and much more.

hi Some of the virtual games i know are club penguin barbie girls totsville bigfish games toontown Runescape roblox wizard101 clubpenguin bigfish games What he said there is alot

agame bigfish ozzoom gamesgamesgames gamershood

BigFish is a company that specializes in PC games. The company used to release online games, as well, but stopped producing them in 2010. They still release PC games, however. They release new titles every year. The amount of games released and time between releases do vary.

Bigfish games is a GREAT website that is virus free so that you can play Beauty Salon Games. Another GREAT website is Shockwave. They both have Beauty Salon Games and every time I use them I don't get any viruses

well there probly will be a place. try going on bigfish games download. ok that's the answer.

You can go on Bigfish. There are some good games but you can just play the game for 60 minutes since it's a trial.

do Lego games give you a virus

Virus-infected games, yeah. But no computer virus games that I know of.

Several companies produce computer games for kids including, Bigfish, Hooked on Phonics, LeapFrog, Jumpstart, Disney, Icivics, Wonderville, and Heifer.

no they dont just play and have fun you will get no virus.

Currently, there is not a free download for the full game. You can only download free trial versions of the game.

We get virus by playing and downloading to much games, especially when downloading virus games and stuff

none you only catch a virus from other organisms

i don't think it cause virus

It is relatively unlikely that you can get a virus on the PSP games console. There is a virus scanner called PSafeP which can check for you.

No and yes. Because, there are some games which are virus, but the whole web isn't if you want something not virus is miniclip!

you can find virus free real played games from and you can win real money.

Cheat Engine is not a virus. It is generally used to cheat in games.

Toontown, webkinz, maple story, bigfish etc.

no it is a utility used to develop games... usually for beginner's. When not downloaded from yo yo games website it may CONTAIN a virus.

Joining games does not cause viruses

A computer virus that infects application filessuch as spreadsheets, computer games, or accounting.

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