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Is biology a hard science or soft science?


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== == The distinction between hard and soft sciences is commonly misconceived as a measure of how "easy" or understandable it is to non-scientists. However, it's actually refering to the accuracy of the science itself. Hard sciences rely on empirical and - most importantly - falsifiable evidence. The emphasis is strongly on the importance of objectivity in all aspects of study. Biology slots neatly into this category - everything you study in biology (however simple or 'common sense' it may appear) relies on accurate, objective and empirical evidence. An example of a "soft science", in the true meaning of the phrase, would be psychology. While there's an attempt to maintain objectivity in some psychological approaches, the nature of what's being studied (the mind) inevitably lends itself to an element of subjectivity. Psychologists tend to vary on their approach to study (whether cognitive, humanistic, etc.) whereas biologists - as all scientists - are generally unified in the scientific approach.