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yes Birdman is Lil' Wayne's father. Lil Wayne's dad was killed and Wayne hung around Baby. Baby took Wayne under his wing adopted and bought him into the rap game. Baby is a father to Wayne so Wayne call him his Daddy. Baby has two young named Brian and Bria. Hopes this answers your question.

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Q: Is birdman Lil Waynes father
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Is birdman Lil Waynes real father?

no, he is adopted

Is birdman Lil Waynes daddy?

No, lil waynes real dad abandonned his mom when he found out she was pregnant, Birdman came into lil waynes life at around age 6/7 and they consider each other as father and son.

Who is Lil Waynes real dad?

lil waynes real dad is birdman the rapper

Why did Lil Wayne get adopted?

because lil waynes father died at age 14. so birdman adopted him.

When did lil Waynes dad die?

he left Lil Wayne and his mother when he was just born. then he died shortly after, Birdman is not his father, but he is the closet thing too being a father. Birdman has been there for him for a long long time. and no Birdman is not his step father.

Is birdman really lil Waynes dad?

No. Birdman is not Lil Wayne's real father. Birdman was working at Cash Money Productions where Lil Wayne went to get his records produced. Lil Wayne and Birdman had just connected in a very close type of way. Lil Wayne influenced Birdman to start rapping so, he started. Lil Wayne does not like his real father, that's why he calls Birdman his father, but it IS NOT true.

Is birdman the rapper of the rapper of Lil Waynes son?

if your asking if lil wayne is the son of birdman. your answer is no.

Is birdman lil waynes forster dad?

Not Exacktly, He is like his father like figure though(:

Who is Lil Waynes dad?

Birdman the rapper

What year did lil waynes' real dad die?

Lil wayne was 15 when his real father died and it is NOT birdman!

Is birdman lil waynes step dad?


Are birdman and Lil Wayne brothers?

No. Birdman is the father of Lil he ain't he is just like a father him cuz he raised himACTUALLY birdman is lil waynes uncle but ever since lil Wayne father left him birdman had tooken care of lilwayne and his mom and so he calls himself is dad like the cover page a magazine\FATHER LIKE SON3m@!33 WUZ HERE

Is the birdman Lil Wayne's dad?

No he Is just lil waynes mentor and friend

Is birdman lil Waynes real dad?

no birdman adopted lil Wayne when his dad died at 14 and Baby took care of him

Did birdman adopt Lil Wayne?

Yes, Baby aka Birdman officially adopted lil Wayne. lil waynes father was never in his life his father never died he divorced his mom when Wayne was only 2 and birdman didnt actually introduce Wayne to the rap game, he joined cash money records at the age of nine

Is Lil Wayne and birdman dating?

Yes they are dating. They kiss on the mouth and birdman buys lil wayne very expensive cars and diamond rings, bracelets, and watches. Birdman is not lil waynes father But instead Picked him up at the age of 11 and raped him, wayne admitted to this in the Carter 3 Documentary.

Is birdman the father of lil wanye lil twist and lil chucky?

No . Birdman Is Like A Father To Lil Wayne & Lil Wayne Is Like A Father / Big Brother To Lil Twist & Lil Chucky .

What was the work of Dwayne Michael Turner?

he didnt realy have a profession he was just born in the hood and was lil waynes father. He left lil Wayne when he was young. Dwayne is now birdman

Where does birdman live?

where does birdman live?? Birdman lives i don't know where but i will find ut i always wanted to go to birdmans house or lil waynes (:

When did birdman step in to be lil Waynes dad?

lil Wayne was 15 when this happend and he will be thirty on setember 27 2011

Is Lil Wayne's father the birdman?

No, Birdman is not Lil Wayne's biological father. The two men are very close friends. Birdman is co founder of Lil Wayne's record company.

Who is Lil Carter father?

Lil Wayne/Weezy's father is Birdman. Notice how he always sings about being birdman jr.

Who is Lil Waynes father?


Why did birdman kiss Lil Wayne?

they kissed because birdman is like a father to lil Wayne

Is Lil Waynes father dead?

Yes!. Lil Waynes father is deceased....He died when Wayne was 17!. his name is zahir caldwel