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It is a chemical properties.

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They tend to have a slippery feel and a bitter taste.

A bitter taste can be caused by a chemical. Canned air contains a chemical bitterant that can cause this. Also mercury can cause a bitter taste in your mouth.

Taste is derived from the chemical composition and chemical properties of a material.

Abitter taste is considered to be a chemical property. This is because the shape of the item does not affect anything about taste.

Physical properties: clear liquid, sharp smell, distinct taste. Chemical properties: reacts with a base (because it's an acid).

Noticable things are physical properties. Look, appearance, feel, taste, etc. are physical properties. Physical properties can change after a chemical reaction.

Many chemical compounds have a bitter taste.

A physical change, of course. A physical change includes change in shape, color, or texture.

Chemical Properties Taste, Smell, Reactivity, Solubility. Physical Properties: Color, Texture, Mass Density, Touch ,Size, Smell, Volume

No. The source usually has physical properties such as mass, volume, temperature and chemical properties such as taste. A reflection has none of these.

Physical property. Common physical properties are color, taste and odor.

Charcteristics, qualities, details. All matter has physical properties and chemical properties. Physical properties are observable by using the senses: mass, volume, color, smell, feel, taste; chemical properties are how it behaves in a reaction: flammability, volatility, reactivity.

taste: the faculty of distinguishing sweet, sour, bitter, and salty properties in the mouthtaste

Taste is a chemical property.

IT is a physical because physical properties refer to things that can be examined with the 5 senses (taste, look, ect.)

A bitter taste has to do with chemicals or even hormonal. Medications for instance can cause the body to not be balanced and a bitter taste can occur. If a person has a nervous stomach or gastrointestinal problems they could have GERD (which is acid reflux ... stomach acids that are forced up through the throat to the mouth. It would be highly advisable that you have a good physical and blood workup done by your doctor and let them determine why you are having the bitter taste in your mouth. In most cases it is nothing serious and medications can be given to stop this problem.

Taste, along with the other four senses, is physical.

yes, and no. Its physical properties do change, but its chemical properties alter as well, due to the fact that the frying alters the yeast molecules in such a way that taste, formation of molecules, and chemical properties as w whole are all changed. So to answer the question, not completely, but yes.

The taste of something is a chemical property, not a reaction.

physical properties are charictaristics of the fabric. Such as look, touch, sound, taste, and smell

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