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Yes, indirectly. Common pool algae are not directly harmful, but algae convert sunlight into food and release waste products that can feed harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms. Black algae can be quite difficult to eliminate, particularly in plaster pools. Any item that has been exposed to the algae should be treated along with the pool water. All pool toys, nets, hoses, brushes, etc. need to be thrown into the pool and treated. The sides of the pool will often need to be scraped or brushed. Probably the best algaecide is copper (II) sulfate. After the treatment is complete, you may then need to use Pool Magnet to remove the copper from the water.

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Q: Is black algae in a swimming pool dangerous?
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What does black algae look like in a swimming pool?

When black algae appear in a swimming pool, it can look like a black discoloration or black spots on the sides or the bottom of the pool. This occurs when there is not enough chlorine in the pool, so treatment is necessary to get rid of this algae.

How do you get rid of purple algae?

in a swimming pool

What are the little black dots in the bottom of your swimming pool?

Black algae, Very hard to get rid of the sooner you start the better.

How do you get dead algae out of the bottom of a swimming pool?

Vacuum the pool slowly on backwash.

What will kill red fungus in swimming pool?

Red or pink algae in a swimming pool is actually a bacteria. The most common cause is contamination from swimming suits when going from the ocean to the pool. Chlorine is the most effective treatment. Algae products will not work because it is not a true algae.

How do you treat black algae in pool?

To treat black algae you will need to add an algaecide to your pool water. These are specifically designed to kill and prevent algae.

How do you treat black or brown algae in a plaster swimming pool?

Black Algae is the toughest of all to get rid of The best thing to do wit it is scrub it so that the waxy surface of it is thoughtfully damaged then shock the pool and hit it with a strong algaecide. A pool shop will be able to recommend the right product to do this.

What do you do if your pool has green algae and black algae spots?

If it is genuine 'black algae' it is very difficult to remove without emptying the pool and gouging the black algae out of the pool surface. Other algae can be removed by shocking the pool, filtering continuously and brushing walls while maintaining a good sanitizer level.

What do you do if you have clusters of black dots on the surface and bottom of your swimming pool?

That is probably black algae. You need to go to a pool store and have them advise the proper chemical and use of that chemical for your pool. It may take a granular product for white plaster pools. Color tinted pools are another matter and you should use a liquid black algae treatment. And if you have a vinyl liner pool I just do not see how in the world you could get black algae. Black algae comes from not maintaining proper chlorine levels and adjusting the pH.

Why are phosphates in a pool bad?

Phosphates are Algae Food. If your swimming pool has a lot of phosphates it's more likely to get algae if it is not correctly sanitized.

What does pool algae look like?

pool algae...YUCK!!!! it's algae basiclly and it grows FAST!!!!!!! Basiclly the picture tells all. The pool became green and don't imagine swimming in it!!! This is echosong101lol speaking to the person who wrote this^^^^^ Pool algae is not that bad you know.Its nature.To be honest, I wouldn't mind swimming in it.(I would just want goggles)!!

Why did swimming pool solar turn the water black?

This is because it got the water too warm and algae started growing. The warmer the water is just a breeding ground for algae. Get some algae cleaner at your pool store and follow the directions with heavy shock after that. Frustrating!

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What does black algae look like in a swimming pool?

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