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A little bleeding is to be expected with cartilage piercings, the incision in the cartilage needs to be larger than the jewellery gauge going into the piercing, this is to allow the skin to heal between the jewellery and the cartilage. Excessive bleeding is an indication your piercer didn't candle the cartilage before doing the piercing to see where the veins are located on both sides of the cartilage.

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Q: Is bleeding during cartilage piercing normal?
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Your industrial piercing is bleeding from no obvious signs of trauma including while sleeping how much bleeding is 'normal' and should you always clean the clotted blood right away?

Bleeding is due to the small vessels in the ear cartilage having been cut. Partly due to the piercer not looking at the cartilage piercing carefully enough to avoid damaging the vessels structures. Bleeding will occur with all cartilage piercings, how much depends on the location of the vessels. Don't clear the clots away from the piercing (this is the bodies way of plugging the leak) allowing the clots to stay for 24 hours will allow the body to close the damaged vessels from the inside out. Washing the piercing under running water will rinse the clots away and not irritate the piercing thus preventing the piercing from bleeding again. The bleeding should ease within 24 ~ 48 hours.

Is an eyebrow piercing suposed to bleed?

Bleeding after getting a new piercing is normal; a piercing is technically an injury & your body will (usually) heal.

Is bleeding normal after a naval piercing?

Some bleeding is normal. However, if it is excessive or you are unable to get it to stop by applying pressure, you should see your physician for evaluation.

Is it normal for your whole ear to be swollen 5 days after a cartilage piercing?

No............ quit using the Dragon Mist

Is puss crusty and bleeding normal with a belly button piercing?

it is if you just got it buy if not go get that checked

Is it normal for traguss piercing to hurt after changing the piercing?

The traguss (the piece of cartilage that sticks out at the start of the ear canal) can vary in thickness from person to person and so if the wrong size jewellery is used when changing the piercing this could cause discomfort and or pain. Also lack of proper aftercare following the initial piercing and changing the piercing to early -before healing is completed. It normally takes between 8-16 weeks for healing to occur. This is longer than a lobe ear piercing because it is through cartilage. It also depends on the site of the piercing, the tension created on the cartilage and the size of jewellery used.

Is bleeding during very early pregnancy normal?

Bleeding during pregnancy is not "normal" but some light spotting is reported by about 50% of women in early pregnancy.

Is cramping and bleeding during the sixth week normal?

It depends on how heavy the bleeding is. Its normal to sometimes spot during pregnancey. Cramps, all the time. If bleeding is heavy its a possible miscarraige you should see docter immediately.

Got two cartilage piercings 6 weeks ago today changed one to a sterling silver sleeper it bled a lot but its fine now is this normal?

No bleeding is bad, piercing guns are worse. Sterling silver is never to be used in a piercing under any circumstances especially ear cartilage piercings Silver oxidizes and with the oxidization a permanent staining effect can leach into the open piercings. If you want silver looking rings for your piercings go to a body piercing studio and buy captive bead rings made from proper surgical implant stainless steel.

Is it normal for an industrial piercing to bleed almost a week after its been done?

Bleeding is normal for any piercing. A piercing is a wound, and wounds bleed. The only way it would keep bleeding rather than heal is if you pick at it or play with it. Dont play with it! Also, do not overclean it. Dont clean it more than once per day, and clean it with antibacterial soap. If you are using salt soaks or salt water, stop!! This is irritating to your piercing and can severely dry it out.

If Bleeding during pregnancy is there symptoms of disability child?

no their is not its normal to blead during pregnancy.

What is the normal gauge of a lip piercing?

14g is normal for a male lip piercing, 16g is normal for a female lip piercing.