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Is bloating one of the first signs of being pregnant?

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Not usually. The first signs are normally: missed period, tendeness in breasts, nausea, vomiting, tiredness. Bloating can be caused by many things. Have your doctor check your THYROID. I had no period for 9 months because of mine.


With my first pregnancy I was bloated few days after conception, so I would say if you are TTC (trying to conceive) it can be the first sign, yes. All the best!

2015-07-16 18:12:57
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Is bloating and swollen breast and sore nipples an early pregnancy sign?

Yes all of those are signs of being pregnant i read a book on pregnancy and that's some of the signs of being pregnant.

Are gas bloating and slight nausea signs of being pregnant?

Yes, they are. You should take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

What are the signs of being pregnante?

First learn how to spell pregnant

Are bloating and diarrhea plus tender stomach a missed period and cramps with a little bit of nausea signs of being pregnant?

Yes these are all signs that you could be pregnant, If you haven't already had a pregnancy test then I would advice you to do so or even go and see your doctor.

What are the signs for the first couple weeks of being pregnant?

Feeling sick in the morning is one.

What are the signs that a woman is pregnant?

missed peroidbloatingvaginal dischargeBreast Sorenesslower back painheadaches

If pregnant with tubal ligation what are the signs?

The signs of being pregnant are pretty much the same. Doesnt matter if you have had your tubes tied or not. The first sign would naturally be missing your period.

What are signs of being pregnant when you have a period?

The biggest sign of being pregnant is not having a period.

What are the first signs when pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if your stomach is bloated but not hard?

Signs of pregnancy are an absent period and positive pregnancy test. Bloating is not a sign of early pregnancy.

What are the signs of a dog being pregnant?

The Dog has her period.

How early can you have signs of being pregnant?

3 weeks

Is dizziness and fatigue just sitting there a first sign of being pregnant?

Dizziness and fatigue are signs of so many things that you cannot say they are signs of pregnancy.

If you are on your period what are the signs of pregnancy?

NORMALLY being on your period is a sign of not being pregnant.

What are the first few signs you've started your period?

Cramps, bloating, mood swings, and the usual sight of blood

Can cramping and headaches be signs of being pregnant?

Yes. But they can also be signs that your period is arriving soon

Could you be pregnant if you have two weeks before your next menstrual cycle and you have been having unprotected sex with your partner and you are now experiencing headaches and bloating?

You will not have signs of pregnancy that early. Headaches and bloating are signs of a period on its way more than of pregnancy. But if you are having unprotected sex, you could be pregnant regardless. If you want this then good--if not use condoms no matter how much he protests because it's your body.

What are the chances of you being pregnant you are 2 days late and having a lot of the signs of being pregnant?

High - take a test

Can a dog who is pregnant exhibit signs of being in heat?


What are the signs for ovulating?

There are many signs breast tenderness,bloating and mild abdominal pain are the most noticable signs.

I have signs of being pregnant but you got your period does that mean Im not?

Yes, it is unlikely that you're pregnant

What are signs of a female Betta fish being pregnant?

they are spawners. they dont get "pregnant"

Will a horse show signs of being in heat if they are pregnant?

A horse should not show signs of being in heat if they are pregnant. A pregnant mare will secrete hormones that prevent her from coming into heat for the duration of her pregnancy must like a human cannot have a menstrual cycle when they are pregnant.

What are signs of first pregnancy?

You were never pregnant before!

What are signs to know your pregnant?

aside from a test, one of the first signs is a missed period.