Is blood blue or red

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Blood that contains hemoglobin (such as in humans and other vertebrates) is always red. The reason veins appear to be blue is due to the lack of oxygen. If you hold your hand up to a light source, your hand will glow red because of the blood being red.

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Q: Is blood blue or red
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Is red or blue blood oxygenated?

Red ofcouse. Blue is deoxygenated blood.

What animal has blue blood?

Horseshoe crabs have blue blood. Believe it or not, humans have red blood and only red blood.

How come your blood is actually blue?

Your blood is blue and some of it is red. the blood from your heart is blue. blood that interacts with your lungs is red because it interfears with the oxygen.

What gives oxygenated blood its blue color?

Oxygenated blood is Red, a light red, not blue.

Is you blood blue when its in your body?

No, Its red although lobsters have blue blood

Is blue whale have a blue blood?

The colour of all whales' blood is red, not blue.

Is your blood blue or is it your veins?

no, on a diagram there are two colors, red and blue, red is for oyxgen-rich blood and blue is for oxygen-poor blood but only on the diagram

What color is a persons blood?

red and blue. the red blood is closer to the other side of your skin and the blue blood is deeper in your body.

Why do you see red blood?

That's easy. When blood is in your body it is blue that's why your veins are blue. When oxygen meets the blood the blood turns red.

Is blood really blue or black?

You have red and blue blood only when you bleed it is red never blue or you have to go to the hospital when a lot of red blood is together in a clump like in a bag at the hospital

What makes blood look blue?

Blood makes blood red, whereas blood is blue when there is no air in it.

Is the color of blood blue?

With a few notable exceptions, blood is red, not blue.

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