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Q: Is blue cheese mold a health risk to humans?
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Why is blue cheese made with mold?

It is not made with "moldy cheese" it is made with a type of blue mold added to it during its manufacturing but, this mold is not harmful to humans. Blue cheese is part of the blue veined cheese group.

Why is milk mold bad and blue cheese mold good?

because the cheese in blue cheese is made of mold

Because many cheeses are made with mold for example blue Stilton Roquefort Camembert etc why do people insist that it is important to remove blue mold that develops on cheddar cheese?

the mold is a different kind of mold that humans are not immune to. the mold that develops on cheddar cheese is harmful.

Is blue cheese a mold?

the blue coloring comes from a mold.

Why this product called blue cheese?

blue cheese has blue mold on it

If blue cheese has developed mold is it safe to eat?

Blue cheese is made with a specific mold. If the cheese starts growing a different mold, I would not eat it.

Does blue cheese have mold in it?

Blue cheese (or bleu cheese) is a cheese that has had Penicillium cultures added so that the final product is spotted or veined with blue-gray or blue-green mold.

What do you do to make blue cheese blue?

Cheese is molded on purpose. The blue in cheese is the color of mold.

Why did blue cheese called blue cheese?

Because of the blue color of the mold....

Is mold on cheese safe to eat?

Generally, no. Food that has grown mold is usually a sign of it being spoiled. Consumption of mold can cause health hazards to humans such as respiratory infections. However some cheeses like, blue cheese, are deliberately cultured with mold in it. This probably not only gives the cheese a distinct taste but also helps prevent other molds from establishing themselves thus giving the cheese a longer shelf life.

How fast does blue cheese mold?

BLUE CHEESE IS ALREDY MOLDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is blue cheese called blue cheese and it's not even blue?

Blue cheese is called blue cheese because it's made from mold, but it is good mold not the bad. It also has blue-green veins in it. Blue cheese is not made from mold, it is made from milk, it is infected(intentionally) with penicillium to give it the characteristic blue veining and pungent flavor. The blue veining throughout the cheese is where it gets the name.