Is bottled water or tap water better for your dog?

It depends on the quality of your tap water. In some areas the tap water tastes so bad people prefer to give their dogs filtered water. If you wouldn't drink the water yourself, consider filtering your pet's water as well.

When traveling, sudden changes in water can cause diarrhea in pets. Using bottled water standardizes what they are drinking so you can avoid this complication.

Here is more advice:

  • Bottled water is accually cleaner, but with the price of it, tap water is fine. As long as it's clean.
  • actually tap water is more healthy and actually cleaner so give your dog tap water because bottled can hurt your dogs digestive system.
  • Bottled water is better; tap water contains chemicals and rust in it that can be harmful to any animal.
  • If you have clean or filtered tap water, use tap water. If you go somewhere with your dog, you may want to bring some water from home or use bottled water that is similar to your water. either is probably fine as long as it's clean.
  • Considering that most dogs eagerly drink from ponds, puddles, and toilets with the seat left up (and usually with absolutely no ill effects) why worry?
  • why would you care if it was that big of deal then i would go with the bottled water because its fresh cleaned tap water so really it doesnt matter</nowiki>
  • If the tap water isn't brown and it's clean, use that!


A good rule of thumb is that if is safe for you it is safe for them.

If you can't tell if your water is clean or tastes good enough, just like I said, It is better in different areas. for example, places where it is moist and rains alot, usually your water tastes better. If your in a dry place, such as the desert, your water might not be as good because they had to dig deep to get it.