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Is brain cyst surgery dangerous?

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Every surgery carries risk with it. Surgery on the head would be even riskier. However, if surgery is indicated, it's probably a better option than not having it. Be sure to get a second opinion before any major medical procedure. Doctors aren't gods; they're just guys doing work. The above is true and especially the brain, but leave the worrying up to the surgeon because that's what he/she is being paid for and a good prayer or two never hurt. Usually brain surgery is quite successful.

2007-03-20 06:43:18
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Is a cyst in the liver and gallbladder dangerous?

A cyst in the liver and gallbladder is not necessarily dangerous. This varies with the type and size of the cyst. In some cases a cyst will require surgery, especially if it becomes painful.

What is the most dangerous form of surgery?

well i can very well name you the hardest to do which is the brain surgery, but the most dangerous I've read is the open heart surgery and brain surgery :D and honestly, most surgery's are very dangerous haha ^-^

What is a brain cyst?

A brain cyst is what is commonly known as the arachnoid cyst. This is a form of tumor which will affect the arachnoid membrane which is the main cover of the brain.

What if you have a cyst on the brain?

It will most likely grow, you need surgery in order to remove the cyst, if it is too large, you will most likely develop seizures, tumors, and within time, die.

Is a cyst dangerous?

No, not at all. (I have a ganglion cyst in my wrist).

What are the symptoms of a cyst on the brain?

It depends on the location of the cyst.

Can you die from a cyst in your brain?

Does a cyst keep growing

Can you die by a cyst on your brain?

It is possible for you to eventually die of a cyst in the brain. The brain is enclosed in a solid envelope of bone (the skull), so there is no room for a cyst to grow without compressing the brain. As the cyst grows, there is less room for the brain and eventually this may become fatal. However, if the cyst doesn't grow, it is possible you could live a normal life with it.

How do you cure a sebaceous cyst?

If a sebaceous cyst continues to grow, it will have to be surgically removed. This surgery is considered a simple and non-invasive surgery.

How to get rid of a cyst?

Depending on the location of the cyst most often surgery is required by a doctor.

Why is it necessary to have surgery for a pilonidal cyst?


Can cyst be treated without having surgery?

You can check for Gamma knife surgery.

What is the difference between a brain cyst and a brain tumor?

brain cyst is nothing but the cavity or a sac of abnormal character containing fluid.But the brain tumor is the swelling or abnormal growth of the tissue.

What are the risks of bypass surgery?

The most dangerous risk of bypasss surgery is its link with mental decline. Nearly 51% of patients who have had bypass surgery have suffered significant brain damage.

Can you reduce the size of your head?

you cant unless you can bone reconstruction surgery which is very dangerous on the face and brain.

How do you get rid of cyst pimples?

Ask your doctor about surgery.

Do you need a cast after ganglion cyst surgery?


What is a cystic lesion on the brain?

It can be: arachnoid cyst colloid cyst enlarged perivascular space dermoid cyst choroid plexus cyst pineal cyst Rathke cleft cyst cystic neoplasm parasites (neurocysticercosis) DW malformation

Did Justin bieber have brain surgery?

NO he didnt have brain surgery

What is the most common brain surgery?

A craniotomy is a type of brain surgery. It is the most commonly performed surgery for brain tumor removal

Is it normal to start pregnancy with ovarian cyst?

no, its dangerous

Can check up pap smear before surgery ovarian cyst?

Yes, you can get a pap smear before surgery for an ovarian cyst. It would be wise to do so, so that any abnormal result might be evaluated at the same time as the surgery.

What is a degenerative cyst on the right ulnar styloid?

A degenerative cyst on the right ulnar styloid is pain on the wrist opposite the thumb. This is typically a ganglion cyst which can be treated without surgery.

Can your cyst in your saliva gland be dangerous?

Yes it can be dangerous but, then again it might not be. I had a cyst on my uvula before I had it removed and the doctor said it was harmless. It would be best if you got it checked out though.

What is a bone cyst after surgery for ruptured disc?

Something that was most likely there before your surgery... It's nothing to worry about, if that is what it is...