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Is bread mold safe to eat?

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partically no. cause you could get real sick and die.

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Is sourdough bread mold toxic?

Not all mold is toxic, but there is no specific mold that grows only on sourdough bread. If it's moldy, be safe and don't eat it.

Mold on expired bread?

No, you cannot eat bread that has mold. You are able to eat expired bread as long as there is not any mold on it.

If you can't see mold on the bread is it safe?

I have eaten bread that tasted of mold, but did not see it on the piece I ate but found mold at the other end of the loaf. Generally, if I don't find any mold anywhere on the bread, I figure it is OK to eat.

Why do molds on bread make it unsafe to eat?

IT's easy. Bad bacteirea is in the mold which is not safe to eat.

What happens when eaten bread with mold?

Well if you eat bread with mold on it, there is a high risk that mold could effect your body. In which mold could grow along your stomach. A lot of people get very sick when they eat mold. If anything, try to not eat anything with mold on it and make sure you always check things like bread to make sure they are safe to eat even if you just bought it. If by any chance you do eat mold, seek medical help ASAP! I really do hope this helped! :)

What does bread mold eat?

well if you eat bread mold there is a toxic kind substance where you could get real sick.

Is it dangerous to eat mold on bread stored in the refrigerator?

It could be dangerous to eat mold that grew on the bread. Since we don't know what mold it is and some molds do product toxins, don't eat moldy bread.

Mold on bread?

Don't eat it.

What decomposers eat bread?


Can you eat bread that is not molded but there's some mold in the bag?

no because the mold might have affected the bread.

If the bread has white mold on it will you get sick if you eat the bread?

I wouldn't suggest it

How does bread mold feed off of bread?

they eat dog poo

How do you prevent bread mold?

You eat it off

Is it safe to eat refridgerated green olives that have mold in the jar?

are green olives with blue mold in jare safe to eat

Are banana safe to cook bread with if there is mold on the skin?

If there is no mold on the banana inside fruit, it should be okay.

Does anything eat black bread mold?


Cheeescake mold safe to eat?

Mold is not safe to eat, whether it is growing on cheesecake or anywhere else. Some species of mold are quite toxic, and may result in pancreatic cancer. Don't eat it.

Can stale bread mold?

Yes, stale bread can definitely mold! However, it will mold more quickly if the humidity is high, and/or if the temperature is warm. If there is any mold at all on the bread, do NOT eat it, and do not feed it to any animals (dogs, birds, etc.). Mold can make them sick, too. But, if the bread is only stale with no mold, you can use it to make homemade bread crumbs for casseroles, etc.

What to do if you eat mold bread?

Nothing the mold just acts as a antibiotic for the body you'll live.

Do you eat mold?

somtimes if you eat a spacific type sandwitch the bread and salami are both mold but it's not efective mold like athlete's foot or fungi

Can you become sick from eating moldy bread?

Depends on the and green mold is usually safeblack mold is dangerouswhite mold is usually dangerousYes, moldy bread has multiple toxins and other unhealthy things due to the mold growth. If you see any mold in a bread, it should be thrown out immediately.

Is black mold on broccoli head safe to eat?

no way. if it has mold on it, its unsafe.

Can ladybugs eat bread and is it safe for them to do so?

no it is not safe for them to eat bread and if you look at earlier massages that i have answered about ladybugs you will see what they can eat and what they cant eat.=)

What does black bread mold eat?

It feeds the food it grows on.

Can mold on bread be killed with heat so it is safe?

No. Once mold has formed, throw it away. To add a little detail... yes, you can kill the mold, but that won't make it safe. The mold produces substances that are toxic to us, so even if the mold is dead, you don't want to eat it. I don't know if this is a strategy the mold has evolved for keeping all of its food for itself, or if it's just that way.