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It is a physical change of form.

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2011-04-10 17:44:50
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Q: Is breaking a stick of gum a physical or chemical change?
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Is breaking stick is chemical or physical?


Why breaking of stick is physical change?

Because its physical shape changes, what it is didn't change, which would be a chemical change.

Is breaking a stick a chemical or physical change?

It is a physical change because you did not put acid on it or something.

Is breaking a glow stick a chemical or physical change?

It's a chemical change--there's a glass ampule in the glow stick. and it's got one chemical in it. Around it is another chemical. When you break the glow stick the two chemicals mix, and the glow happens.

A match stick a physical or a chemical change?

chemical change

Breaking a light stick chemical change?

Breaking a light stick is not a chemical in and of its self, but the subsequent process that produces light is.

What if your sister breaks a stick is it physical or chemical change?

It is a physical change as there is no change chemically in the composition of the stick

Is breaking a stick a physical change?

YES. It surely is NOT chemical but a physical change.If you think of the stick in terms of it is a solid, then you will understand that the broken parts have not changed their physical state, only their appearance.So its physical stateis not changed, but its (mechanical, or outer properties) form is changed by force.

What toy shows a physical change?

A light stick is a toy that shows a physical change. A light stick is broken so it will light up. The liquid inside the stick completes a chemical change.

Is a glow stick giving off light a physical or chemical change?

Light sticks are chemical changes.

If a glow stick is bent and starts to glow is it physical or chemical change?

I don't know

Is A match burns leaving only a charred stick of wood physical or chemical change?

physical change because it is still wood, just charred

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