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Is breaking dawn gross?

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No it was reallly good and its not gross my 6 yr. old cuzzie saw it

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Breaking Dawn News?

there have been updates for breaking dawn. the dates are said for breaking dawn part one, and breaking dawn part two. breaking dawn part one-februrary 25, 2010 breaking dawn part two-december 30, 2010

What are the last words in Breaking Dawn?

Breaking dawn

What is Breaking Dawn part 2?

breaking dawn part two is the 2 half of breaking dawn part1

Who will play the volturi wives in Breaking Dawn?

The Volturi Wives are not in Breaking Dawn or Breaking Dawn Part 2

Why is the book Breaking Dawn called Breaking Dawn?

because Breaking Dawn is a new day, Bella and Edward's new life Because the Volturi come at the 'breaking of dawn'

Breaking Dawn spoiler?

there is a breaking dawn spoiler on

What is the tone of Breaking Dawn?

in means a verge of breaking dawn

What is Breaking Dawn Rated and why?

Breaking Dawn will be PG-13.

What is the name of the second Breaking dawn film?

The second movie of the breaking dawn book will be called breaking dawn part two.

When is Breaking Dawn realisng?

Breaking Dawn part 1: November 2011 Breaking Dawn part 2: November 2012

Is there going to be a twighlight after breaking dawn?

no, breaking dawn part 2 is the last movie. No, breaking dawn also the last book.

What is breaking dawn?

breaking dawn is the last book in the twilight saga

How many pages does Breaking Dawn have?

Breaking Dawn has 768 pages.

Does the volturi die in Breaking Dawn?

No the volturi do not die in breaking dawn

How old is Jacob in Breaking Dawn?

In breaking dawn, Jacob is 16.

Does Bella turn into a vampire in eclipse or breaking dawn?

Breaking Dawn

How many paged are in Breaking Dawn?

there are 756 pages in breaking dawn

When are they making Breaking Dawn?

they are making breaking dawn this summer it will be out in 2011

Is kristan going to be in the movie breaking dawn?

Yes. She will be in Breaking dawn.

When does Bella Swan turn in to a vampireeclips or breaking dawn?

breaking dawn

Does Bella have a baby in the breaking of dawn?

Yes, she has a daughter in Breaking Dawn.

Is Bella Swan a virgin in Breaking Dawn?

No... she has a daughter in breaking dawn.

Is Breaking Dawn the film out in the us?

no breaking dawn is not out in the u.s yet.

Who is Mackenzie Foy in Breaking Dawn?

She plays Renesmee in Breaking Dawn.

WIll Taylor Lautner be in Breaking Dawn?

yes Taylor will be in breaking dawn