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No, this is a physical reaction because no matter has exchanged etc. Instead, the lattice structure of the glass has been broken- which is simply physical.

(Not even that sophisticated a physical change, as glass has no lattice structure.)

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Q: Is breaking glass a chemical reaction?
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Is breaking glass a chemical property?

No breaking glass is not a chemical reaction, which is what i think you mean. Breaking the glass does not alter the chemical makeup or properties of the glass. Instead breaking glass is a physical reaction because it does alter the size of the glass and its appearance

Is breaking glass physical or chemical?

Breaking glass is a physical change, as it does not change the chemical composition of the material.

Is breaking bonds a chemical reaction?

Breaking bonds happens in chemical reactions. But it is not a chemical reaction itself.

What is decomposition in a chemical reaction?

Decomposition is the breaking down of reactants in the chemical reaction.

Is breaking of a glass physical or chemical change?

Breaking glass is a physical change, because the broken pieces of glass still retain all of the chemical properties of the original piece of glass.

Is making glass a chemical reaction?

Glass fabrication involve chemical reactions.

Is glass breaking a chemical or physical change and why?

Physical change because before and after breaking a glass, the glass is still SiO2 (Silicon): it's chemical makeup is not changed by the breakage.

Is glass breaking a physical or chemical property?

Glass breaking is a physical CHANGE if that's what u meen

Why is breaking a glass a phyiscal change?

Breaking glass is a physical change because there is NO chemical difference ... from before to after.

Is breaking a widow glass is a physical or chemical?

Breaking glass is a physical change.

Is breaking of a glass a physical change?

Breaking of glass is a physical change. It does not change the chemical makeup of the glass, and it can be reversed by melting the glass and re-blowing it.

The making and breaking of chemical bond is called?

a chemical reaction

What Involves the breaking and forming of chemical bonds?

A chemical reaction.

Breaking glass physical or chemical?


What does chemical reaction have to do with making and breaking bonds?

All chemical reactions involve breaking of chemical bonds and forming new chemical bonds.

How can breaking a glass jar be a physical change?

Breaking a glass jar changes the physical form of the glass without changing its chemical composition.

What do you mean by chemical reaction?

chemical reaction means breaking of chemical bond present in the molecules of the reactants to form new chemical bonds to give the products is called chemical reaction.

What chemical changes involve breaking and making chemical bonds?

This is a chemical reaction.

Is Hydrofluoric acid reacts with glass an example of chemical property?

This is a chemical reaction (dito change).

Is breaking glass physical or chemical change?


Is a glass breaking a chemical change?

No, its a phyical change

Is breaking glass chemical or physical?

Physical change

What is the chemical reaction happens when making glass?

The chemical reaction that happens when making glass is heating. It involves heating oxygen and sand to produce silicon dioxide. When it cools, it hardens into glass.

Is a glass breaking chemical or physical?

It is a chemical change. It keeps its same chemical composition and is in a reversible state. You can remelt it and once again, make glass.

Is breaking a glass window with a baseball a chemical change or physical change?

Chemical change

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