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Is breast cancer a communicable disease?

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No, it is not.

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Is breast cancer communicable?

No, cancer is an non communicable disease , because the disease causing factor is inside our body

Is cancer a communicable or non-communicable disease?

Cancer is non-communicable

Is breast cancer communicable or noncommunicable?

Non communicable but hereditary.

Is cancer a communicable or non communicable disease?


Is cancer a communicable disease?


Is hodgkin 's disease communicable?

Cancer is not communicable, no.

What is a noncommunicable and communicable disease?

A communicable disease would be for example herpes . A noncommunicable disease would be cancer.

Is influenza communicable or none communicable?

Influenza is a communicable disease. This means it can be passed from one person to another. An example of a noncommunicable disease is cancer.

Are respiratory diseases non communicable or communicable disease?

Most of them are communicable [tuberculosis] and some are non-communicable [lung cancer].

Is breast cancer a diesease?

Breast cancer is a disease.

Is breast cancer the only breast disease?

Breast cancer is not the only breast disease. There is another type of breast disease called fibrocystic breast disease. It is a condition that causes breast pain, cysts and breast lumps.

Is bone cancer communicable or noncommunicable?

Bone cancer is noncommunicable disease.

Is cervical cancer a non-communicable disease?


Can smoking cause a non-communicable disease?

Smoking causes you lung cancer. That is not communicable.

Why is cancer is an example of non communicable diseases?

The reason that cancer is an example of a non-communicable disease is that it can not be transmitted person to person. A cold is communicable because you can get a cold from someone else.

What are communicable and non communicable disease in briefly?

Communicable disease are passed from one person to another or from another animal. For example: colds. Ones that are not are said to be noncommunicable. For example: cancer.

What is an example of a non-communicable disease?

A non communicable disease is a disease you cannot catch.... so they're basically heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Rickets and obesity

Is Cancer is a Non Communicable Disease?

no its not it us not contagious but its symptoms are

Is lung cancer communicable or noncommunicable?

Cancer itself is not communicable. I spent lots of time with both of my grandfathers when they were infected with the horrible disease. Do not worry, you cannot just "catch" cancer by being around someone living with the disease.

What diseases are caused by alcohol abouse?

Liver disease , mouth cancer, breast cancer and impotenceLiver disease , mouth cancer, breast cancer and impotence

Examples of non-communicable disease?

A non-communicable disease is a type of disease that cannot be transmitted from person to person. Examples of non-communicable diseases include arthritis, cerebral palsy, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease.

What are examples of non communicable disease?

list of non communicable disease 1 cancer 2 skin neoplasm 3 diabetes 4 malnutrition

How are communicable diseases and genetic diseases similar?

a genetic disease is passed through the family like diabetes or cancer but a communicable disease is that you get from something or someone

The three non - communicable disease?

diabetes, cancer, asthma

Heart disease cancer and diabetes are examples of?

non-communicable diseases

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