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Is bromine gas a compound?

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No, bromine is an element.

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Neither, bromine is an element.

Bromine (molecular Br2) is an covalent compound

Bromine is a liquid at room temperature, but after 58,8 0C bromine become a gas.

Fluorine, and Chlorine can displace bromine from a compound.

Bromine is an element.Methanal is an aldehyde,an organic compound.

When calcium and bromine combine, they form the ionic compound calcium bromide, CaBr2.

Bromine is Br2 in gas or liquid form.

The colour of the bromine gas is yellowish brown.

Bromine exists as a diatomic gas. Thus, there are two moles of bromine atoms in 1 mole of bromine gas.

No. As they are both nonmetals carbon and bromine will form a covalent compound.

The chemical formula for bromine Gas is Br2.

Bromine is a red gas that smells like chlorine

Zinc plus bromine makes a simple compound its zinc bromine

Bromine is a halogen which can be a gas or liquid depending on the temperature. At room temperature bromine is a liquid metal.

Liquid = Bromine Solid = Solid Bromine Gas = Bromine vapor

No, it is the element bromine.

The compound is Bromine chloride

The noble gas that comes before bromine is argon.

No!! Benzene wont de colourise bromine water although it is an unsaturated compound ,as it is an aromatic compound and it does not undergo addition reaction.

Bromine pentachloride is the name of the compound BrCI5.

no it forms a covalent compound

It will turn colorless because bromine is an unsaturated compound and unsaturated compound have double bonds

The molar mas of bromine gas (Br2) is 159.8 g/mol.

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