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It depends more on the rider then the animal. The bull is wider and it's buck is steeper but a bronco is faster and throws the rider higher. Bull riding has more injuries and pays more. Broncos can be broken but a bull can not!

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โˆ™ 2010-01-28 22:01:13
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Q: Is bronco riding harder than bull riding?
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Depends, its easier than bull riding in many aspects. Such includes how hard the animal can buck, the difficulty for the rider to maintain balance and how badly the injuries both during and after the ride. Bareback riding can be very hard on the cowboys body including his riding arm. Many riders can get their hand caught in the rigging and brake most of the bones in their hand, wrist and arm. All rough stock events are dangerous in their own way. i guess the biggest difference between the two is a horse will never purposely step on you, while a bull Will!

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