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If a coast is the shore of a sea or ocean, then Buffalo, New York, is not on a coast. It is on the shore of Lake Erie. On the otherhand if a coast is the edge of any large body of water, then Buffalo, NY is on a coast. In either case, it has direct access to the Atlantic Ocean through Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway IT ISNT ON A COAST

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horrible when i read the paragraph i didn't understand a single thing
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New York State has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean, and also coast lines or lake shores along Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. New York City is a coastal city on the Atlantic.

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Buffalo, NY is not on a coast. Coast is defined as " Land next to the sea"

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Q: Is buffalo New York on a coast. why or why not?
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Why is Buffalo New York not located on a coast?

Buffalo is so dumb

Why is Buffalo New York on a coast?

Buffalo New York is on the North Coast of the US. This coastline is formed by The Great Lakes. While not an ocean coastline, but a lake coastline, it is the same geologically speaking.

What is the relative location of Buffalo New York?

-Buffalo is not far from Niagara falls -buffalo is in New York

Is Buffalo New York close or far from New York?

Buffalo, New York is at the other end of the state from New York City.

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Is Buffalo New York big?

Compared to New York City, Buffalo New York is quite small. But compared to Buffalo, Wyoming, Buffalo New York is quite large. So size of cities depends on the comparisons you use.

Does Buffalo New York have an NBA team?

Buffalo, New York does not have an NBA basketball team.

Is Buffalo in New York?

Buffalo NY is the second largest New York city but there is also a Buffalo in:MinnesotaIowaIllinoisIndianaKansasKentuckyMissouriMontanaNorth Dakota andOklahoma.

What are the three cities in New York?

Three major cities in New York State are: New York City, Syracuse, and Buffalo.

What state is known as the buffalo state?

New York is known as the Buffalo State for its two major colleges and the name of the Town Buffalo in the Northwest reaches of New York State. Buffalo State college and Buffalo University compromise the college make up of the New York Town.

What part of New York is buffalo?

Western New York

How many miles is it from buffalo to Syracuse?

It is 130miles from Buffalo, New York to Syracuse, New York. [Geographically speaking]