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In certain Asian countries it is considered an insult to the cook if you don't burp after eating a meal.

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Q: Is burping in japan polite
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Where is it polite to burp?

It is only polite to burp in Italy after a meal. But only in certain places. Many Asian countries see burping as acceptable.

How do you show you appreciate the chefs food in japan?

Burping after a meal in Japan is how to show appreciation for the meal. I know, gross to us Americans, but a compliment in Japan.

How do Japanese people show respect?

They can show respect at the dining table by burping after finishing a meal, it is very polite for Chinese people. It shows satisfaction.

Why are the people so polite in japan?

my girlfriend is Japanese :)

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What is the polite way to greet an elder in Japan?

It is customary to bow before elders in Japan, this is the most polite way to greet them, and depending on age and the person, you may even need to bow as low as you can, to avoid any kind of disrespect.

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Polite way: Konnichiwa! To a friend: Yo!

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Yu means "hot water." It is usually said "oyu" with the o being a polite prefix.

Do you have to tip in Japan?

No. Tipping is a taboo. You only have to pay the bill. Though, if you do try to tip they generally will take it to be polite.

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