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== == Yes it is.

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Is caffeine bad for children?

The answer is yes caffeine is bad for children.

Is caffeine bad for the brain?

Caffeine is not bad for your brain , but can be bad for other parts of your body.

Is there such thing as good and bad caffiene?

There is no goodcaffeine. Caffeine is bad for your body You need some caffeine.

1. What are the dangers of caffeine?

Caffeine is bad for your teeth.

How much caffeine is bad for cats?

really any caffeine is bad for cats, but you (if you have to) can give them a tiny bit.

Is caffeine bad?

Caffeine is a drug found in coffee and sometimes pop

Is there such thing as good and bad caffeine?

No, caffeine from any source is the same molecule.

Is earl grey tea a bad source of caffeine?

It has half the amount of caffeine that coffee has

Why is to much coffee bad?

It contains caffeine and caffeine is a drug that effects the body in various ways.

What is in coffee that's bad for your health?


How does caffeine effect the growth of a bean plant?

their are some myth that caffeine can affect plants bad or good

Why is caffeine bad for children?

Caffeine is bad for children because according to research certain drinks contain as much as 14 times more caffeine than the average can of cola. This is the same as drinking 7 cups of coffee.

Is diet lipton green tea bad for you?

Yes it is. It contains Caffeine. White tea, black tea and green tea is bad for you. You would want to get caffeine free herbal tea. Decaffeinated just means that it has caffeine but they used chemicals to take it out. So instead of caffeine its chemicals.

Why is coca-cola bad for you?

Because there is caffeine in it

Are caffeine pills bad?

I'd advise you not to take them.

Why is Monster Energy bad for you?

Too much caffeine.

Is caffeine a bad drug?

its better than heroine

How much caffeine is too bad?

To much is not good

Is caffeine bad for 2 year old children?

Yes it is bad for a 2 year old. Caffeine is addictive and a drug and the two year old body is still growing.

Why is caffeine bad for you?

For healthy adults at low dosages, no. Those who have heart problems, are pregnant, etc. should not take caffeine.

Is it bad to drink caffeine when you have a fever?

Caffeine is a diuretic so it would be better not to have it.having plenty of fluids is important when you have a fever

Why are soft drinks bad for you?

because of all the caffeine and sugar that is in them

Why is caffeine bad for your system?

Because it is a diuretic and can cause dehydration.

Does caffeine remove calcium from bones?

yes, thats why its bad for you

Is coffee good for working out?

Coffee is bad for working out. Caffeine has a high level of caffeine, which dehydrates you. Also, the caffeine may cause an unhealthy spike of energy and a crash afterwards.