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Is cancer hereditary?

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A hereditary disease is a disease caused by an abnormality in an individual's DNA which is inherited genetically. Although cancer is not caused by single gene inheritance like cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia, some types of cancer do exhibit multifactorial inheritance, which is a type of inheritance that is caused by a combination of environmental factors and mutations in multiple genes. Therefore, YES, certain types of cancer are hereditary.

Current scientific opinion is that cancer is a disease caused by mutations in DNA or changes in the way certain genes are expressed, so by its very nature, cancer can be hereditary. However, you must also understand that these mutations can be in either somatic cells (cells in your body pretty much everywhere except your reproductive organs) or they can be in both somatic and germ cells (cells which make eggs and sperm). Should the genetic abnormality which is contributing to cancer development be in germ cells, this abnormality can be passed from parent to child upon conception and is considered hereditary. Realize that everyone has some chance of developing cancer and that most cancers occur sporadically or by chance in only somatic cells. However, because hereditary cancer exhibits multifactorial inheritance, a person who has inherited such a gene mutation as described above, will not necessarily develop cancer but will have an increased risk to develop cancer in their lifetime.

There is a diverse array of the hereditary components which increase your risk to developing cancers, but types of cancer with a strong hereditary component (called familial cancers), include breast and ovarian cancers caused by inherited mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, or colon cancer caused by familial adenomatous polyposis, which is an inherited mutation in the APC gene. Inheritance of mutations in the APC gene will lead to the development of colon cancer in more than 90% of patients by the time they are 40 and is the classic example of a hereditary cancer.

AnswerNo. Things like Heart disease and diabetes are though. If cancer is in your history, you have a greater risk, but it is not hereditary. Answer

You can inherit a disposition to cancer, i.e. be at greater risk of developing a cancer due to genes passed down from a parent. However, the diseased state of cancer itself is not directly passed down through generations.

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Is lung cancer hereditary?

No, lung cancer is not hereditary. You get lung cancer from smoking.

Is cancer in dogs hereditary?

like humans cancer is hereditary

Can cancer be hereditary disease?

nom, cancer cant be hereditary

Is brain cancer hereditary?

no it is not hereditary

Can leukemia be hereditary?

Leukemia is a cancer that is hereditary. Even though it is hereditary, that doesn't mean that you will develop leukemia.

Is lung cancer heridetary?

Yes, Lung cancer is hereditary.

Is liver cancer hereditary?


Can you get breast cancer if its not hereditary?

Yes you can. The risk of getting it when it's hereditary is higher of course. But there doesn't have to be a family history to get breast cancer.

Is thyroid cancer heriditary?

Cancer as such isn't hereditary, but the predisposition(being prone to get cancer) can be.

Is blood cancer is a hereditary disease?


Is cancer and diabetes two common hereditary disease?

Although it seems they are in fact hereditary, one can not pass cancer nor diabetes thru genetics.

Is kidney cancer hereditary and what are the symptoms?

Most cancers are serious issues that are hereditary. Sadly though kidney cancer is one of the various forms of cancer that do not show symptoms. In fact kidney cancer has almost no symptoms prior to diagnosis.

How do you get cervical cancer-?

Cervical cancer can form from a person having HPV. It can also be hereditary.

What is HNPCC?

Hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer

Is Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma Hereditary?

No, there are no studies that show metastatic squamous cell carcinoma to be hereditary. This type of skin cancer is the second most common type of cancer.

Is kidney cancer hereditary?

there is an increase in increases the risk if someone in the family has kidney cancer....but its minimal.

Can a women get cancer from swallowing semen from a man with prostrate cancer?

last time i checked, cancer was NOT contagious. it is hereditary. That is correct. Cancer is not contagious, it is believed to be hereditary is some instances, but some instances it is caused by a teratogen. That is an outside irritant like smoking or asbestos.

Is breast cancer communicable or noncommunicable?

Non communicable but hereditary.

Is breast cancer hereditary?

HereditaryBreast CancerAccording to the National Institutes of Health, breast cancer can be a hereditary condition. However, hereditary breast cancer only accounts for 5%-10% of all breast cancer cases involving inherited gene mutations. Hereditary breast cancers often occur in younger women and involve both breasts. Regardless, when the family history is strong for development of breast cancer, a woman's risk is increased.AnswerThere are tests (BRCA 1,2 and 3) to see if you have a genetic link for breast cancer. However, having one of these marks will not tell if and when you will get breast cancer. There are many other factors for getting breast cancer (estrogen lifetime exposure, alcohol/cigarette use, etc).Men also have a hereditary risk and those with multiply family members with breast cancer histories should be particularly careful to report changes to their physician.It can be. It is possible to inherit mutated BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes that can greatly increase your risk of breast cancer.

What are health issues that are hereditary?

There are so many health issues that are hereditary. One of the most concerning and deadly health conditions that are hereditary is cancer. There are many types of cancer, but every cancer can be passed down. The number one killer of health issues in the United States is heart disease. Many people believe it is due to obesity. However, just like heart disease, obesity is hereditary as well.

Is breast cancer contagious?

Breast cancer is not a contagious disease, although a small percentage of certain types of breast cancer is believed to be hereditary.

Can small cell lung cancer be hereditary?

There does not appear to be a strong correlation between small cell lung cancer and a family history of lung cancer.

What are some of the main causes of cancer?

Most cancers are hereditary desieses but some cancers such as skin Cancer and Lung cancer can be caused by the sun or by smoking.

What is a risk for prostate cancer?

1 in 7 men will get prostate cancer. The risk is higher in men who have had a male relative that had prostate cancer as it tends to be hereditary.

Are the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 responsible for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer?