Is cannabis legal in Cyprus?

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no. up to 8 years for dealing. fine and smaller sentences for having less than 5 grams.
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In which countries is cannabis legal?

Answers: The safest countries for using cannabis include: Australia because in Queensland, Tasmania, and Victoria you can have up to 50 grams and only receive a ticket; Bagladesh because its legal; India, because its legal; Pakistan because its legal; Macedonia because its safe for small amounts, an ( Full Answer )

Should cannabis be legalized?

Yes. If cannabis were legal, a whole revolution in society would come through. We can start buy saying that cannabis is a completely non toxic substance, minus the inhalation of smoke (no matter how you cut it, your lungs do not enjoy sucking smoke). In fact, no one has ever died, and has had cannab ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to grow cannabis plants?

Answer . If what you mean is growing Pot legal...absolutely not. It is a much more serious offense than possession. Cultivation charges are generally considered similar to distribution...even if only a few plants.

Where is cannabis legal?

Netherlands (holland) -Germany -Switzerland -Italy -Cambodia -Peru -India -Bangladesh -Russia -Iran -Argentina -brazil -Ontario (Canada) There's probably more, these are the only ones I can think of PS: alot of countries banned it but still tolerate it/never enforce it

Is cannabis legal?

Cannabis laws have changed recently, and it has been reclassified. It is now a Class B drug so it remains illegal to sell, possess, or allow the use of cannabis in your own home, but the police can deal with it, at their discretion, with a caution. In addition, especially if you've been taking it fo ( Full Answer )

What does cannabis do?

Depends on what you mean The immediate effects: you will get high; you can hallucinate, get giggles, munchies etc. You may become philosophical or become focused on something, then again you may just drift off and day dream. Things may feel great by touch, you may get hot or cold or tired (this can ( Full Answer )

How is cannabis?

Pretty fantastic - for most. Others don't like it too much, and that's all right too. Some really enjoy it, others not so much, it can depend on a number of reasons. Most people have grown up being told it is bad from birth and therefore believe it is wrong despite all scientific evidence to the ( Full Answer )

What does cannabis do to you?

Answer . It has a painkilling effect, can cause deep relaxation and an altered perception of time it will stimulate your appetite (munchies)and can cause fatigue and disorientation. if you smoke loads you can make your self sick known as a 'whitey'.. My answer: The effects are different for ev ( Full Answer )

Is cannabis legal in France?

Cannabis is illegal in France. However, use of is generally tolerated so long as consumption is discrete.

If cannabis were legalized would the crime rates in the US increase?

It has not been conclusively proven either way whether the legalization of cannabis would increase or decrease crime rates in the US; the debate goes on, with different people putting forward different theories. There is a possibility that crimes related to fund the habit would increase, but it is n ( Full Answer )

What does cannabis do you?

Your question is a little vague, but I'll risk making the assumption you mean short term effects. Rather than long term heavy use.. Cannabis has many many different effects, depending on the person taking it, the environment the person is in, the mood the person is in, the amount of tolerance the p ( Full Answer )

Where is it legal to grow cannabis?

in certain states in America , i.e. California with a medical license, and Holland , where its legal to grow 5 plants outdoors

Can cannabis ever be legal?

Yes, but it will take a lot of work on the part of activists and concerned citizens. The matrix of greed, disinformation, corporate and power interests, lack of media attention, harsh penalties for use and distribution, and fear on the part of the general user to speak up, keep this failed prohibiti ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Cyprus?

Cyprus is famous for its beautiful beaches. why not relax on the beach? there are many historical archaeological sites too. If in the Paphos area, why not to tomb of the kings? A traditional meze is always good too. If in Paphos, head down towards coral bay, a touristy area with shops and restaurant ( Full Answer )

What country is cannabis legal in?

-Netherlands (holland) -Germany -Switzerland -Italy -Cambodia -Peru -India -Bangladesh -Russia -Iran -Argentina -brazil -Ontario (Canada) There's probably more, these are the only ones I can think of PS: alot of countries banned it but still tolerate it/never enforce it

Is cannabis legal in Ukraine?

In Ukriane weed is illegal, but most of the time people who get busted smoking it get away by giving the money to the police. I hear a story from my friend that a group of teens got away with it by paying 1000 grivn each

Is it legal to give medical cannabis for ADHD or ADD?

I can answer this with another question:Is is it legal to give harmful medication to people with adhd, When there are healthier alternatives that encourages appetite and a meditative calm? Is it not a crime to ban herbal substances,because of their psychoactive properties when in fact these q ( Full Answer )

What is the legal status of cannabis in the UK?

Cannabis has been reclassified to Class B, the same as amphetamines. 5 years for possession, 14 for supply of manufacture, and/or an unlimited fine in both cases.

Where can you get cannabis?

cannabis comes from plants which are grown in AfricaCannabis is grown EVERYWHERE. It originated in places like the Hindu Kush Mountains in India.

Where is smoking cannabis legal?

Legal in Amsterdam! Live life to the Maximum! Have fun!. Legal in Amsterdam! Live life to the Maximum! Have fun!

Why is cannabis legal in Amsterdam?

its actually not legal in Amsterdam. its just not inforced like it is every where else they basically don't care much about it but it is actually not legal. that is a myth that everyone thinks Actually it is leagal to Sell it and smoke it in premises that have the appropriate licence in Holland.The ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to have 1 cannabis plant?

Depending on where you live.. for example if you have the licence in California you can have up to 20 plants, and 2 pounds. or just move to Amsterdam

What do you think about legalization of cannabis?

It's relatively harmless; the legal consequences are more severe than the health consequences; I believe it should be legalized. Maybe it'll get some people off the booze which is way more toxic; I mean no one's ever died of marijuana poisoning while people die from alcohol poisoning all the time-- ( Full Answer )

Why did cannabis used to be legal?

Because cannabis has many benefits both medicinally and industrially, but the government will not accept science that states this and decided to schedule it as a schedule 1 drug, meaning no medicinal value. 13 states so far have decided that it does have some medical value and allow it to qualified ( Full Answer )

Is cannabis legal or illegal?

In the UK Cannabis is illegal, and is a class B drug.For possession, carries a penalty of 5 years in prison or an unlimited fine or both. For dealing, carries a penalty of 14 years in prison, or an unlimited fine or both.

Is growing cannabis legal in France?

Yep. Inform the Gendarmarie just prior to harvest and they willhelp you crop out and will take it away for proper curing andstorage ;)

Will cannabis be legal in the uk?

It should never be legalised ! Driving under the influence of drugs is just as dangerous as being drunk at the wheel !

How can you make cannabis legal?

You, yourself can not. Join legalization groups, try to protest about it being illegal. It probably will not happen any time in this lifetime. Go to Amsterdam, it's legal.

Where is cannabis legal and policemen will not catch someone using it?

Those are the reigons of the cannabis zone 1. Norfolk, United Kingdom 2. Luxembourg (maximum 200 g solid or 250 ml liquid) 3. The Netherlands 4. Poland 5. Greece (maximum 1 kg solid or 2 l liquid) 6. Ethiopia 7. Eritreia (maximum 20 g solid, liquid is illegal) 8. Rwanda 9. Burundi 10. Namibia (sol ( Full Answer )

When will Cannabis be re-legalized in the US?

As soon as it is brought to a vote by the People of the US. California, and several other states are putting some form of decriminalization measures to the People, on their state ballots THIS YEAR (2010).

Should medical cannabis be legal in Florida?

Compare this natural herb to ANY thing that that your doctor prescribed. It's not a gateway drug, it's not a substance that will make you lazy, it will not harm you in any kind of way. You can ruin your life by listening to people who think it's addictive, and think it's a gateway drug. They're doct ( Full Answer )

Is cannabis legal in Andorra?

Cannabis is not legal in Andorra. Laws are heavily enforced and thepeople are very intolerant of its use. That is not saying youcannot find it for sale.

Will Tennessee ever legalize cannabis?

Unless the Tennessee legislature passes a bill allowing it, it is impossible to predict whether Tennessee will legalize cannabis.

Why is cannabis legal in some countries but not others?

Marijuana is not completely legal in any country there are laws that say its okay to possess and use it if you dont have a lot, but on a federal level the government does not want you to have it at all.

What will cannabis do to you?

Cannabis will turn you into a crack head and you will kill lots of people. Just joking. Smoking cannabis relaxes you, settles your mind and puts any current problems on hold. You don't worry too much about anything. One popular misconception is that smoking cannabis can cause mental heath issue ( Full Answer )

Was cannabis legal in 2004?

It was legal in CA in 2004 I know that for sure, but I don't know about other places.

Is concentrated cannabis legal?

Concentrated THC extract from cannabis (known as hash/hashish) is widely illegal, and is not available to purchase medically even if you have a green card. Thick or dank nuggets of marijuana are available from medical dispensaries, but THC in its most concentrated form is still presented to be illeg ( Full Answer )

Is the legality of cannabis a good thing?

Yes because many countries already legalized it with positive results. There would be no black markets and it's been proven to be alot safer than more illicit drugs and alcohol.

Is cannabis legal yet?

depends where your talking about in the u.s its legal in some states for medical purposes only

Should the cannabis plant be legalized?

there are many good medical and civil things that can come out of legalization but also some bad ones like every american becoming pot heads so its all how you yourself personaly look at i belive it should be