Is carlos still in love with geraldine larossa?

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Does he still love you?

I think the biggest question is do you love him? If he means the world and there is that spark and it feels like nothing else then he loves you!. I think the biggest question is do you love him? If he means the world and there is that spark and it feels like nothing else then he loves you!. I thin ( Full Answer )

Are you still in love?

Do you still feel something in your body and mind when you see him/her? It might surprise you sometimes when you get over your crush very easily. :)

Does she still love me?

well it depends, you need to specify what is going on. it depends on the events that have hapend. she may just be going through a bad week and not be interested in anything. or she may not be interested in you anymore. it depends on her behavor.

Still in love with your first love?

yes i'm still... but now i slowly erased her in my mind but in my heart she will always be there... taga ICNHS Sci-cur

Is Carlos mccoy still alive?

No. . yeah he alive... hes in. carlos coy 01110642. POWLEDGE. B2. Route 2 Box 2250, Palestine, Texas 75882 / (903) 723-5074

Why still in love?

\nHumans need to love and be loved. Being in love is totally natural, even if it's been for a long time; it just means your feelings are genuine!

What did Geraldine Ferraro?

Geraldine Ferraro was a politician and a lawyer. She is bestremembered for being the first female Vice-Presidential nominee in1984.

What do you when you love your boyfriend but you still love your ex?

You could be in love with your ex boyfriend because you actually love him or, now that you are separated and know he is probably dating other young women you want what you can't have. Sometimes people put the one they think they love on a high pedestal making them out to be more than what they are. ( Full Answer )

Does Will still love you?

nobody could ever love you in the whole entire world.. you are the ugliest person in the whole entire world. you make my puppy scream for help.. she cries in agony because she saw your ugly face. nobody could ever love you in the whole entire world.. you are the ugliest person in the whole enti ( Full Answer )

Am I still in love?

Here is the answer that I posted a week ago! . Is There Such a Thing as True Love? . It was many hundred of years ago, in the Middle Ages, starting around the 12th century that minstrels and troubadours first crooned about "true love." Certainly we must be aware that this notion of "true love" ( Full Answer )

Is king Juan Carlos still ruling Spain?

The King juan Carlos is still alive and in his charge, but in Spain, as a constitutional monarchy, the King don't rule but reign. The power belongs to the democratic elected bodies and the king has, as Head of State, only protocolary duties.

Can a person still love their first love?

Yes. Somewhere in most people's heart, they always love that first love and there is no relationship afterwards that compares in some way. Not to say no relationship afterwards is better, because most first loves don't last. Still, the memories do and that's ok.

Is Carlos Montoya still alive?

No Montoya died in March 3, 1993 at the age of 89 of heart failure in the tiny Long Island,New York town of Wainscott, New York.

Carlos Santana is Carlos Santana still married to Deborah Santana?

11/1/2007 USA TODAY ARTICLE STATES: Guitarist Carlos Santana and his wife of 34 years are divorcing, according to documents filed in Marin County Superior Court.. Deborah Santana, who in her 2005 memoir, "Space Between the Stars," described her husband as being unfaithful, moved to dissolve their ( Full Answer )

How do you if you are still in love with him?

The better question would be do you love yourself still? If you do then are you willing to possibly allow yourself to be hurt again by the same person. You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you.

Is Carlos from Resident Evil 3 still alive?

I believe he is alive. After Resident Evil 3, you really don't know where he goes after that. But, I'm pretty sure that he is alive. In the movie, Resident Evil Extinction, the guy who played Carlos died.

Does your ex love still love you?

This is wat u do if u still love him then keep it to ur self and if he is daten some one else than try ur best and get out there and show urself take the spotlight away from that girl and make him notice u not her that's all i got but if u ned more information call me at 865-257-3195 after 5 ev ( Full Answer )

How do you fall out of love with your ex when he still loves you?

Do you love him? Your question makes it seem like you do. People have responsiblity for themselves and not how others feel. The fact he may still love you is his problem not yours, so if you don't love him move on. Tell him to do the same. I would suggest you have little contact with him as you can. ( Full Answer )

Could you still love him and not be in love?

I definitely think that it's possible to love someone and not be in love. I go through the same problem. It all depends on the relationship you had with the person. You might just miss that relationship you two had and you just miss having that in your life, not necessarily the person.

Why does Valerie love Carlos so much?

Valerie loves Carlos so much because he is the greatest thing to ever happen to her. and she is very appreciative to have him in her life! She doesn't know what she woul do without him and she doesn't intend to find out! They have sooo much in common and she loves spending time with him and laughing ( Full Answer )

Do they still make Chevy Monte carlos?

No, I believe they stopped in 2007. Probably a result of not changing the look from 2000-2007, other then some small interior changes.

What do you do when a guy that you still love but does not love you back?

You cannot make a person love you and you will have to accept that. Most people have loved someone at least once in their lives that did not love them back and it hurts. However, if it was meant to be it would and it's mere destiny that things happen in this way even if it is heartbreaking because i ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you still love your ex but they don't love you?

You really don't have much of a choice, but to move on. Unless you honestly feel there is a chance your feelings will be reciprocated, and it's not just wishful thinking, moving on would probably be best instead of waiting for something that will not happen.

How can you tell he still loves you and is still in love with you?

when ever you passes beside him/her .... they will look down with kindness in their eyes... He will write, try to make an opportunity to meet you, see you, talk to you. If you don't know each other and think he might like you or hold an interest, he might peek at you a lot of times (if thats in sc ( Full Answer )

Why you love him and he still loves the ex?

I love someone who does like me and is close to me, wants me because he knows I will be better for him and his future...but he cant get over the ex girlfriend.. he has feelings for her and does not know why.. i asked him why do you still love her after she dumped you and went back to her ex husband. ( Full Answer )

Is Remy still working at carlos bakery?

No he is not. He was put in jail for sexually assaulting a teen. I've even heard that his wife Lisa turned him in. If you want to know more about it just google it. I can't believe he would do this. It didn't seem like he would do that

What do you do if you love your girlfriend but still loves her ex?

Well you need to help her move on. But before this you need to know the truth, did she get with you not long after the brake up. Are you just a rebound? Now there are many things that can be done . Get her to think about what went wrong. maybe even talk about it. but don't just rush into what ( Full Answer )

Is Chevy still producing the Monte Carlo?

"Chevy started making the Monte Carlo in 1970 and it was made with various changes until 1988. They brought it back for a while during 2000-2007, but it is no longer being produced."

How do you know your first loves still loves you?

You don't know. There's this thing called trust and sometimes in life you're gonna have to rely on it. so you'll never know if your first love loves you.. what if there is no trust with your first love?

What is Robert Palmers fiancee Geraldine Edwards doing now and does she still go backstage?

Geraldine Edwards is happily married to her husband since 2006, Anthony Flemming-Mueller. They operate a law practice together. Geraldine is a legal administrator and the holder of a LLM, in addition to a MBA, MPS and a PhD in Business Administration. Her husband is a JD and a MD. The both of them a ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in America Loves Carlos - 2010?

The cast of America Loves Carlos - 2010 includes: Olga Alagiozidou as herself Trini Ariztia as herself Erin Ayers as herself Valerie Brody as Lili Heather Chantal Jones as herself Ruthellen Cheney Jennifer Dohne as herself Natalie Doudican as herself Erin Heslin as herself Eva Huyghe as herself Kris ( Full Answer )