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Yes he is Muslim his real name is also Cashief which is a Muslim name !!

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How tall is cashtastic?

Hee says in alarm clock he's 6 foot (183cm).

Is ces fabregas Muslim?

no he is not Muslim no he is not Muslim

Is khalil madovi Muslim?

he has a muslim name an he IS muslim

Famous Muslim terrorists?

There are no Muslim terrorists. A Muslim can't be a terrorist. If someone is a terrorist, they are not Muslim.

What are Muslim beliefs on having a baby with a non Muslim?

a Muslim man can have a baby with a non Muslim but a Muslim woman can't have a baby with a non Muslim

Is malaika Arora a Muslim?

No she is not a muslim. And even her husband is not a muslim.

Is tobey maguire a Christian?

Tobey Maguire is a Muslim .. I hope he is a Muslim since he has an innocent Muslim face. Tobey Maguire is a Muslim .. I hope he is a Muslim since he has an innocent Muslim face.

In Egypt is it legal for a Muslim to marry a non-Muslim?

YES IT IS! but only if the man is the Muslim one.

Is about diaby a Muslim?

Yes Abou Diaby is a Muslim. He is a Muslim because he took after his farther which is a Muslim so that is why he is

Was Akbar Muslim or non-Muslim?

Akbar was a Muslim, and he made India tolerant to all religions.

Is the Indonesian president Muslim or non Muslim?

Muslim. Indonesia is the highest Muslim population country in the world.

Is Akon a Muslim?

Akon is Muslim but he did not convert to Islam, he was born Muslim and remained Muslim his hole life

Is Katrina Kaif a Muslim?

Yes she is a Muslim and also a christian this because her mum is a christian and her dad is a Muslim Katrina Kaif is not a Muslim.

What are the lyrics to cashtastic I didn't mean it?

something like .... me no no where she come from light skin girl with suntan she told me she had a boyfriend i said babe your together with the wrong man im cash i come from london but im a yard man like.........

Was Newton a Muslim?

no he was not a Muslim

Is beckham a Muslim?

No, he is not a Muslim !

Is clichy a Muslim?

He is not Muslim

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