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Is changing a serpentine belt on a 2002 Saturn sl2 difficult Tools needed and HOW?

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2007-04-07 06:57:42

No, it is relatively simple but will be easiest if you remove

the passenger front tire and remove the splash guards. This will

give you the best access to the tensioner pulley, requires a 14mm

open end wrench turning clockwise to release tension on the belt.

Remove the old belt and install the new belt, notice how easy it is

to get the belt on the crank pulley with the wheel took

me about 3 hours of trying to thread the belt around the water pump

and over the crank pulley to decide there must be a better

way....this is it. I recommend having a second set of hands

available as it is easiest to thread the new belt over crank,

tensioner, idler, alternator, power steering pump and water pump

then put the 14mm wrench on the tensioner pulley bolt and rotate

clockwise again and have your friend put the belt on the A/C

compressor pulley. Reassemble the splash guards and put the tire on

and you are done.

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