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Is changing the heater core in a 1986 ford f-250 done the same way as in 1986 f-150?


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To change out the heater-core in a 1986 F-150, you must access the old heater-core through the glove box. You must remove the glove box by removing the screws that hold it in. Once this is accomplished, you must loosen the clamps on the hoses that are connected to the old heater-core unit. Then remove the hoses from the old heater-core and slide the old heater-core out through the opening where the glove box use to be. Install the new one using these instructions in reverse! Presto...installed! Mechanic Man


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to changing the Heater CoreBasically you pop the hood and to the very back left corner, you will see two hoses going into a box looking thing against the firewall. You will see numerous bolts and screws. You must tear that apart to get to the heater core. First step is unclamping the two hoses. Once you've done that and gotten to the heater core its just like changing a radiator except smaller. You have to undo from the supports and hoses etc.... Somewhat simple, however lengthy and tedious. (May get really frustrating!)

Detach the screw that attaches the heater duct on a Chevy Cavalier and remove the heater core. Once this is done you can replace the faulty heater core with a functional one.

The heater core can be removed from a 2001 Chrysler Sebring by taking it off its mounting. This is done by removing the dash.

I'm not saying it can't be done successfully, but almost any procedure that truly unclogs a heater core will also cause it to leak.

in the heater box behind the dash on the passenger side (right side) the dash has to come out and the ac must be evacuated to remove this heater core if you have never done it it is not a quick job i have done many of these and it takes several hours be sure the heater core must be removed to fix your problem befor starting

The heater core is in the dash , you have to take the steering wheel off, steering colum off, dash has to come out , the heater core is only 40.00 but buy the time you get the whole job done it's about 400.00

the heater core is located behind the dash on the passenger side of the cab. much of the dash has to be removed and shifted to get to the box that houses the heater core. the hoses that supply coolant to the heater core must be remove via the engine bay. it is somewhat of a lengthy process, but can be done with patience and time.

You must go under the hood as well as inside to get the heater core removed and replaced. I just did mime.

you have to remove the dash and steering column then the heater box I have done many and its at least 1.5 days to do.

its right behide the glove box i have done it befor i have pics,

You first have to drain the radiator, then you diconnect the heater hoses to your heater core .in the engine compartment. Then you remove the cover off the heater core assembly under the passenger side , under the glove box. Then you take straps off the heater core off. and replace . Install every thing you removed previously and refill your radiator and your done.

took me about 2 days, you have to remove the dash completely to get the heater core out. I suggest paying to have it done. I sure will if it ever happens again

I have looked up time to change heater core on 2000 dodge caravan it said 2 hours. I have never done this so I need to know where to start?

To replace the heater core of a Ford Escort, all years, the dash has to come out. This is a job even the most veteran mechanics will cringe at. Take it somewhere to get it done.

you need to unbolt the front plate of the dash ,, then theres a cover on the heater core , that needs to be removed , then the heater core is bolted up there and , should come right out after unclamping hose ( located on the outer firewall-- under the steering rack, . kinda tricky to get back into position but it can be done . after back in , just re-install all plates and covers -DONE

As a Gm Tech, i have done two of these. They take a couple of days to do. It incolves taking out the evaporator core for the ac, and the whole heater box. Not a back yard job

just pull the hoses off the heater core and put them together easy all done under the hood. Mike join the 2 hoses together

If you have not done this before, it is a very time consuming job. Replacing the heater core is not the problem. Getting to it is. Unless you are willing to start removing panels and know how to remove them without damaging the plastic panels and clips, I suggest you take it to a professional. It is just a matter of removing enough to actually get to the core. Once you get to the heater core, first drain the radiator enough to get the level below the heater hoses. Remove the heater hoses, and then remove and replace the core.

20 minutes or so. If you have the heater core in hand it is a simple simple simple job. First of all drain the coolant a little bit, just enough that it is out of the hoses in the heater tubes. Once that is done, remove the hoses from the heater core tubes at the firewall. Then under the dash board are 4 screws holding the bottom of the plenum on. Remove these screws and set the cover aside. Pull the heater core rearward and it will fall out. Installation is just a matter of sliding the new core up inside and pushing the tubes through the holes in the firewall. when this is done put the cover back on, reattach the hoses and fill the radiator. Done.

Good luck on that one. I've heard a joke that they hold up the heater core on a string and build the entire truck around it. I paid to have mine done ..........

Unfortunately, this is one of the most complex and time consuming operations, short of changing the engine/transmission that can be done to the car. The heater core is mounted in a box, inside the passenger compartment, almost dead center behind the dashboard and is mounted directly on the firewall to allow the hoses to go through. If you put your hand just above the accellerator pedal, and go toward the center console, you'll find the heater core box. There is no way to remove the heater core from the engine compartment. In fact, other than draining the radiator and removing the hose clamps and a bolt or two, you

You have done something to the mix door. It should shut off air to the heater core when the AC is on. It is located right near the core and you may have bent it or just disconnected it by mistake.

Yes, you can bypass the core. Find the hoses to the heater core. Remove them from the core ... as a worst case scenario, cut them. Install a double male hose connector with clamps on the hose ends to complete the bypass fix. . John In Montana

you may have your switch on your heater control set to recirculate the inside air. it should be set for outside air recirculation

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