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If cheddar cheese is yellow, it has added color.

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What is the scientific name for cheddar cheese?

The scientific name for cheddar cheese is "cheddar cheese."

What is example of cheddar cheese?

Cheddar cheese.

What is better for you cheddar cheese or mozzarella cheese?

Cheddar cheese :D

Which cheese molds the fastest American cheese cheddar cheese or Swiss cheese?


Are 'cheddar cheese' crisps?

They are crisps ("chips", in the US) that are cheddar cheese flavour. Cheddar cheese is a mild tasting hard cheese, from the Cheddar region of the UK.

Who does not loke cheddar cheese?

It depends on who packages the cheddar cheese. Velveeta is supposedly a cheddar cheese but some of its molecules are quite similar to plastic. I like natural cheddar cheese.

Is cheddar cheese a hard cheese?

yes, aged cheddar is a hard cheese.

Where was cheddar cheese invented?

Cheddar cheese was invented in England.

What has more clacuim cheddar cheese or yogurt?

Cheddar cheese does

Did the Vikings eat Cheddar cheese?

No, the Vikings did not have Cheddar cheese.

Why is cheddar cheese called 'cheddar'?

Cheddar cheese is a semi-hard, yellow-orange cheese that varies in sharpness. It is named after an English village called Cheddar - where it was first "made".

Can we use cheddar cheese instead of Philadelphia cheese in cheese cake?

No, cheddar will not be suitable .

What is the oldest cheddar cheese?

1170 is the first recorded. Unless you think there are different names of Cheddar...there isn't - Cheddar Cheese is Cheddar Cheese. If it wasn't made in Cheddar, it isn't Cheddar Cheese, as Champayne isn't so unless it was made in the Champayne region of France.

Why is pepperjack cheese not a type of cheddar cheese?

No, pepperjack is a type of cheddar.

Why is there cheese in cheddar gorge?

There is cheese in cheddar gorge because it is there to ripen and that's why it is called cheddar gorge

Is cheddar cheese one word?

Cheddar is one word, cheese is one word, cheddar cheese is two words.

Where does cheddar cheese come from?

Cheddar cheese comes originally from Somerset, England

Why is cheddar cheese orange?

Cheddar cheese is not orange unless colouring is added.

Should cheddar cheese be capitalized?

The "Cheddar" should be, but the "cheese" needn't be capitalized.

What is the equivalent of 2 cups of cheddar cheese?

one pound of Cheddar cheese

What is the equivalent of 225 g cheddar cheese?

Half a pound of cheddar cheese.

What type of cheese goes into making cheddar?

Cows milk, not cheese, goes into making cheddar

Which cheese grows mold faster cheddar cheese or Swiss cheese?

Cheddar because it taste good.

What is the difference between sharp cheddar cheese and mild cheddar cheese?

sharp cheddar has a sharper taste, while mild cheddar has a milder taste.

Can you substitute mozarella instead of cheddar cheese?

No, you can not substitute mozarella instead of cheddar cheese.