Is cheese cake made of cheese?


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Yes, cheesecake is made from cheese. The most common type of cheese in cheesecake is cream cheese, but some recipes call for ricotta cheese in addition to cream cheese.


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no cheese cake is mainly made of cheese cream

If it's made by me, then it is.

ya.... you can make cheese cake without cheese ......cheese cake is normally made with biscuits and flavour.....:P

a cake made mostly of cheese.

cheese cake mud chocolate sponge cake

my class is doing reports and mind is about chesecakes and i would you tell me how made the first cheese cake by briana

A cake made out of cream cheese. (With many flavors.)

cheese cake has cheese, cream cheese cake has cream cheese Obvious

It's a kind-of cheese cake made from the casava root & coconut. It is quite delicious...

This cake is made with Bologna and Cream Cheese and when done sliced thin and served with crackers.

up side down cheese cake is the best cake ever

if its cheese cake then its not actually cheese its just the name for the cakeCheese comes in a variety of shapes as it is moulded. Therefore the shape depends on the mould.

It was made in Missouri and cheese cake too

it is used to make cake cheesy and soft

Carrot cake and chocolate cake contain different ingredients. Chocolate cake is made with some form of chocolate, such as cocoa, and is usually topped with white or chocolate icing. Carrot cake is made with carrots, cinnamon, and is usually topped with cream cheese icing. Pecans can also be included in carrot cake, and can be put in the cream cheese icing, but this is optional.  

Depends what you mean by cheese spread. If you are talking about cheese whiz or any form of processed cheeses, then NO. Cheese cake is made with cream cheese because it needs to be able to form into a solid "cake" like texture. Cheese spread cannot harden unless it dries out.

Things such as wax, Swiss cheese, green cheese, cheese (any old type). Some children believed it was made of ice cream or cake.

Its cherry cheese cake we love cherry cheese cake

I love cheese cake, and it is my hope that by working in a cheese cake company, I will be able to obtain an employee discount on my own cheese cake purchases.

It depends on the type fo cheese, and what milk it was made from. A whole milk cheese will have more fat in it, but a reduced-fat cheese (made with 2% or skim milk) will have less fat in it.

Cheese Cake has layers. So it is actually more like a cake than a pie. Cheese Cake actually has cheese in the mixture.

It's called cake because it's made from a batter and baked, just as other types of cakes are. It's called "cheese" cake because it also contains cream cheese (a rather large amount), and some recipes also use ricotta cheese in addition to the cream cheese. There are instant cheesecake mixes which don't require baking, but they are really just imitation cheesecakes, and nothing at all like the real, authentic, homemade, baked cheesecake. And, when prepared, they actually do resemble a pie more than a cake.

There is documented evidence that cheesecake was made in ancient Greece. The Greeks made many cheeses.

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