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Chest pain is not a sign of pregnancy but should be checked by a doctor.

Breast tenderness (pain) is often one of the first signs of pregnancy.

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Q: Is chest pain a sign of pregnancy?
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Don't know if I am pregnant yeh but we are trying to get pregnant is chest pain a Singh that I am pregnant?

Chest pain has nothing to do with whether you are pregnant or not. However, if your breasts are tingling or more sensitive, that may be a possible sign to early pregnancy.

Is Lower abdominal pain early sign of pregnancy?

Cramping in the lower abdomen can be a sign of pregnancy. But extreme pain may be cysts or perhaps an ectopic pregnancy.

What is a sign and symptom of an open chest wound?

Coughing up blood, sucking or hissing sounds coming from a chest wound, frothy blood appearing from air bubbles coming from the wound

What is a sign and symptom of open chest wound?

pain, blood coming from the chest,

Is lower back pain cramp like a sign of pregnancy?

It can be a sign of pregnancy or a sign of a kidney stone or water infection.

Can dull pelvic pain be an early pregnancy symptom?

Bad pain should be checked out but cramping can be a sign of pregnancy.

Is cervical pain a sign of early pregnancy?

Vaginal pain is usually a sign of a UTI or yeast infection or even a cyst. But it is possible it could be a sign of pregnancy but Im unsure about this one.

Could lightheadness and pain around your belly button be a sign of pregnancy?

While light-headedness can be a sign of pregnancy in some people, the pain is not. Get it checked out with a doctor.

Is having back pains a sign of pregnancy?

You may certainly have back pain becasue you are pregnant but it is not a sign of pregnancy as there are just too many causes of back pain.

Can have sore breasts and abdnomal pain plus back pain be a sign of pregnancy?

If there is a missed period, these are the sure signs of pregnancy

Is a period pain an early sign of pregnancy?

Cramping is yes.

What does pain near the nipple mean?

possibly a sign of pregnancy

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