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Is child abuse bad?

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Yes, child abuse is always bad and not healthy for you.

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Is child abuse good or bad?

BAD! Hurting and hitting children is BAD! There are no pro's to abuse.

Is spanking a child considered discipline or child abuse?

That depends. If you hit for no reason itwould be abuse. But if the child is bad it is disipline.

Is hitting your parents bad?

Yes, it is bad and called abuse. There is parent abuse like child abuse and you can be arrested for it as an adult or a teenager.

What is worse child abuse or senior abuse?

Abuse of any kind on any human is bad.

Is cursing at your child abuse?

no but it is still bad

What happens once a case of child abuse is confirmed?

If the abuse is bad enough, the child will be eventually be taken away.

What are punishments of child abusing?

punishments for child abuse is time in jail. it could be years or even life depending on how bad the abuse is.

What can be a good title for an essay on child abuse?

Why abusing is bad

Is abusing a child a crime?

yes it is! never abuse your child! some parents spank their children when they do something that they shouldn't do, but that does not count as child abuse. that's discipline. but if you spank or hit your children for no reason or for a bad reason that's CHILD ABUSE.

What are the results of child abuse?

The abused child might grow up and abuse their children, but some abused children rise above their bad circumstances.

Why there should be no child abuse?

Because you can really hurt the child, for abusing them. I feel that it's bad for you to do that.

Why do some Parents Abuse their Kids?

some parents abuse their children if they have had a bad background or a hard life as a child

Captions on child abuse?

Child Abuse hurts. Abuse is abuse.

Is child abuse psychological?

Yes and no. Child abuse can take many forms. But the result, or the impact it has on the child, is emotional and psychological. The forms child abuse can take are emotional child abuse, psychological child abuse (also referred to as mental child abuse), and physical child abuse.

Can dad go to jail for hitting child?

yes, It is illegal to abuse a child. And the consequences are really bad.

Why is child abuse bad?

Child abuse is bad because the parents or guardians are physically, emotionally, sexually abusing the child/children. No child should be suffering any abuse in any way! No child deserves it, no matter what the reason or excuse it. IT'S WRONG! Any person that carries out any abuse should be locked away for good, or until they learn their lesson!! In my opinion it is bad because children are most of the time sweet, and innocent. It also can leave a child emotionally scarred and traumatized, leading to chronic mental problems later in their lives.

Need a thought on child abuse?

Child abuse hurts. Abuse is abuse.

Why should child abuse be abolish?

because it makes a never ending cycle of abuse and causes people to do bad things

What is a bad child abuse slogan?

while not originally applied to child abuse, or even punishment, the slogan- You Only Hurt, the one you love- is horribly off-base.

What does a child abuse do?

Child abuse in the long run has many bad emotional effects. Such effects as homosexuality, problems in relationships and problems dealing with relatively normal issues.

Is hitting your child with your hand abuse When your child feels bad and blames himself and cuts himself abuse?

You should not hit your son! He needs help if he cuts himself.

Is child labor bad?

yes child labor is badit causes agonyhealth problemskids get taken advantage ofand causes sexual abuse

What is child abues?

child abuse is very bad because it is wrong and no one deserves, to be abused.

How often does child abuse occur?

Child abuse occurs almost everyday and many cases go unsolved! It mostly happens because a care taker had a bad at work. :,(

How does child abuse the individuals?

child abuse the individuals when the individual get emotional when they see the child being abuse

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