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Is child labor laws decided by state or federal government?


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The Federal government sets specific labor laws, including those about child labor. But the states can put their own laws in effect, as long as they do not contradict the Federal Laws. Most states regulate the hours a child can work and the ages they can get a work permit.


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in 1836, the Federal Government took the initiative to regulate the amount of hours and the type of work that a child could do.

May be child labor is big problem for federal organization, so it ban so far....

To the best of my knowledge, every state has child labor laws. There are also federal child labor laws. To find Texas' child labor laws, google 'Texas statutes, labor code, chapter 51'

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Every state has it's own Department of Labor, which supervises companies and enforces the laws of employment in it's state. The US Department of Labor is the Federal Government and oversees the Federal laws regarding labor. Labor laws do differ from state in many issues, such as Child Labor laws (work permits, minimum age to enter the work force). This is the same type of separation of Federal and State power as the State Congress and Federal Congress.

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Yes, there are many rules and laws about child labor. There Federal laws set as minimum requirements and many states have stricter laws.

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Wrote book about child labor and conditions they faced. Had photographs of children on the job. people saw this book and took it to government. Gov eventualy passed child labor laws! :)

In 1918, President Wilson established the National War Labor Board. This board would deal with disputes between management and labor. It was a "work of fight" situation of men decided not to work they would be drafted into war. The Board did try to improve working conditions. It also pressured all manufactures to observe the federal ban on child labor!

The federal government responded to the Pullman Strike by using troops to control the striking workers. Later, Labor Day was designated as an official holiday in an effort to conciliate the organized labor movement.

Because its cheap and keeps America running.

Some governments and countries have no legislation in place to restrict child labour. Others do.

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