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Q: Is chlorine in the same period as argon and sulfur?
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What is he element is found in the same period as sulfur and argon and that is more reactive than sulfur and argon?


Which element is in the same period as sulfur and in the same group as fluorine?


Which element is in the same period as sodium?

Sodium is in 3rd period and seven other elements are in same period they are Magnesium, Aluminium, Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Chlorine and Argon.

Which elements have the same electron arrangement as Argon Chlorine Sulfur or Potassium?

No element has the exact same election arrangement as another element. However ion can have the same election arrangement as another element. For example Chloride (Cl-) has the same configuration as Argon, and Potassium (I) (K+) also has the same configuration as argon.

Do sulfur and argon have the same atomic number?

No. Sulfur has an atomic number of 16 and Argon has an atomic number of 18

Which gas is not found in the same period as lithium?

Several elemental gases are not in the same period as lithium. These are: hydrogen helium chlorine argon bromine krypton xenon radon

How many electrons dose Sulfur need to gain in order to have the same electron configuration as Argon?

Sulfur needs to gain 2 electrons to have the electon configuration of Argon

When the element sulfur forms a negative ion it has the same electron configuration as?


What is the proportion of mass of Chlorine and Argon gas in a given volume?

The mass of the chlorine atom is 35.5. The mass of the argon atom is 40. So you may think that the argon is more massive than chlorine. That is not correct.In a given volume of gas, at given pressure and temperature, the number of molecules are same in case of the gas. Chlorine molecule has got two atoms. The argon remains single. So the mass of chlorine molecule is 35.5*2 = 71. the mass of argon atom and molecule is 40.So the chlorine gas is much massive as compared to argon gas. The proportion goes to be 71 to 40, to be exact.

What is Ne 3s2 3p4?


Why doesn't chlorine become an argon atom when it ends up with a noble gas electron configuration?

Because the number of protons in chlorine atom and chloride ion are the same (17 protons). The element argon has 18 protons.

How do scientists know that no one will discover an element between sulfur and chlorine?

because the atomic number of each element is an integer and it increases than its preceding one in the same period by one