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Nope. It is only in plant cells. The mitochondria is basically the same thing as a chloroplast, only it is found in animal cells.

Plant Cell - Chloroplast

Animal Cell - Mitochondria

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Chloroplast is found in plant cells.

the chloroplast is found in both animal and plant cells.

chloroplast is found in plant cells

yes, but not in animal cells

Plant cells. Its what makes them green.

Plant cells. they are used for photosynthesis.

Plant cells contain everything animal cells do. Plant cells have a chloroplast, and animal cells dont, though.

two organelles found in a plant cells and not animal cells are the cell wall and the chloroplast

vacuoles, cell wall & chloroplast are found in plant cells but not in animal cells. But centriole is an organelle found in animal cells but not in plant cell.

Chloroplast is only found in plant cells.

No, only found in plant cell

chloroplast is found in plant cells ONLY!

They aren't. Chloroplast is found strictly in plant cells and Lysosomes are found strictly in animal cells.

No, both plant and animal cells do not have chloroplast. Plant cells have chloroplast that is why their leaves are green. Such as animals they do not. K.K

no. it is found in plant cells. chloroplasts are used to make energy for the plant cell and the plant.

Animal cells do not contain a cell wall or chloroplast, these are found in plant cells.

Chloroplasts are only in plants.Lysomes are found in both plant and animal cells

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