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Chocolate is not good for pimples. But it's not bad for them either. Eating chocolate is OK in small amounts. But because of it's high sugar and fat content it could contribute obisity and tooth decay. Treat your pimples with medicine, not diet. Like Benzoyl Peroxide based over the counter medicine for mild cases or prescription medicine like Differin or Minocin, etc.. For serious cases see a dermatologist, as he can prescribe 'Acutane' if the other prescriptions don't work first.

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Q: Is chocolate good for you if you have pimples?
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Does chocolate give you pimples?

chocolate does not give you pimples, its hormonal. normally when your stressed you eat chocolate and that's how you get pimples. hormones and stress give you pimples, NOT CHOCOLATE.

If chocolate can give you pimples what does dark chocolate brownies do?

Chocolate doesn't give you pimples. It's just a myth.

What is the formal hypothesis of chocolate may cause pimples?


How do you treat painful pimples on chin?

I pop my pimples and ill give you a good thing that you should do is eat less junk food because when i eat lost of chips and chocolate and pop i get lots of pimples

Does chocolate make you have pimples?

It is a common rumour that chocolate will make you have spots, but it doesn't Experiments have been done and it doesn't affect your skin, but lots of chocolate isn't good for you anyway :)

Do you get pimples for eating chocolate?


Do brownies give you pimples?

yes, if you eat any chocolate after the age of 13 then you get pimples/zits

What problems does chocolate cause?

It causes pimples.

Is getting pimples good?

No. Pimples is not good for face. It decreases the beauty.

Do chocolate or peanut butter make pimples?

No that´s a myth.

What happens if you eat chocolate?

if u eat heaps u can get pimples

How can chocolate cause pimples?

heck yeah! google image it....

Why does chocolate give pimples on people's faces?

It doesn't - this is an old canard. However, excessive consumption of chocolate can possibly aggravate acne. Acne pimples are caused by excessive production of sebum, caused by hormones suddenly increasing dramatically in the bloodstream (puberty/teen years).

Can you get infections in your pimples?

Yes. Keep you skin clean with mild soap and water. Science has shown white bread to be a cause of pimples. Chocolate is not. :-) Yes especially if you squeeze and rub them.

Is zote good for pimples?

No the best way to get rid of pimples is to tan at a tanning salon

Can pimples come from too much stress?

No!, Pimples are not caused by stress. it is caused by numerous amount of junk food such as dairy chocolate, milk and dairy products,etc.

Can a lack of vegetables cause pimples?

no a lack of veg doesnt cause pimples or spots but they are good for you.........

Is funbact an active on pimples?

Yes it is, and not only on pimples. I found out it faded the scars and dark pigmentation left behind by the pimples too, very good cream.

Is lemon juice good for pimples?

Yepp it is good for pimples it is but its not....i looked on google and it said the acid in it did it does and maybe doesnt

Is popping pimples good thing to do?


Is diproson good for pimples?


Is it okay if your a model with pimples?

Models usually get any blemishes such as pimples covered with make up and treated with good pimple medication. So, yes, you can be a model if you have pimples.

Do french fries cause pimples? foods cause acne..chocolate or french fries or coke does not cause acne..

Which product works the fastest and works the best for pimples?

soap and water is good to stop pimples try to wash your face with soap

IS water good for pimples?

Water is good for life, so yes probably.