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It is to me. Maybe to a lot of people also. I love chocolate and anything that has chocolate in it. If I am full and someone offers me chocolate, I'm not full anymore. everyone tells me that chocolate is the best thing on this planet. i cant have it. so it can be irresistible. i am allerigic to cocoa and its in chocolate so i am pretty much screwed.

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What is a sentence with irresistible in it?

The warm hot chocolate that I bought from Cafe Mirbar was irresistible as it had marshmallows, cream and grated chocolate! :) Hope it helped

Can you give me an example sentence using irresistible?

My chocolate chip muffins are irresistible because of my secret recipie.

Why do a lot of people eat chocolate?

chocolate has many addictive ingredients which make it irresistible.

What is a simulant found in chocolate?

I assume you mean "stimulant". There is a small amount of caffeine in chocolate that sets off nerves in your brain, making it irresistible!

How do you use irrestistible in a sentence?

The freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies smelled absolutely irresistible.

Is the reight spelling irresistible or irresistable?

The correct spelling is irresistible.Some example sentences are:She is very irresistible.This cake is delicious and irresistible.

Why is chocolate so irresistible?

because it has got suger in it! plus they have methylxanthine content called theobromine and caffeine which are central nervous stimulants.

How do you put irresistible in a sentence?

Her beauty was irresistible.

What is a sentence with the word irresistible?

The natural resources of the newly-discovered Americas proved to be irresistible. You are irresistible!

What is a sentence for the word irresistible?

The pie was delicious and irresistible.

What part of speech is irresistible?

The word irresistible is an adjective.

How would you use irresistible in a sentence?

irresistible = impossible to resist eg the sweets looked so delicious they were irresistible

What is the ISBN of The Irresistible Revolution?

The ISBN of The Irresistible Revolution is 0310266300.

Is the word irresistible a noun or what?

Typically, a noun is a Person, Place, or Thing. Irresistible, on the other hand, is an Adjective, which modifies nouns. * The ice cream was irresistible, so I ate it all. * I find her simply irresistible. * I have an irresistible urge to go snorkling in Maui, again.

A sentence using the word irresistible?

I would like to see what happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force. Her perfume was irresistible.

How do you use irresistible in a sentence?

You are irresistible baby. Let's make love

How do you spell irresistible?

That is the correct spelling of the word "irresistible" (unopposable, or captivating).

How many pages does The Irresistible Revolution have?

The Irresistible Revolution has 367 pages.

When was Irresistible Forces created?

Irresistible Forces was created in 1987-01.

What is the duration of Irresistible film?

The duration of Irresistible - film - is 1.72 hours.

Can you give a sentence using the word irresistible?

''The dress the girl picked out was irresistible.''

When was Simply Irresistible released?

Simply Irresistible was released on 02/05/1999.

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