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Chromium is a naturally occurring element.


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manmade I no it says natural if you type in is yttrum natural or man made?. but that it wrong. Yttrium is MANMADE!

we are all natural because we weren't made in a factory we were made natural.Things that are made in factorys are manmade we are not manmade we are natural. Katrina LaChance- Bermuda138

Chromium is a chemical element which exists in nature; as such, it is natural.

that manmade is what human makes natural is somthing earth makes

Hurricanes are natural.

Chromium is a solid meatal.

chromium can be pure or it can be in its natural state

Chromium is a solid metal.

The natural state of the element chromium is a solid metal. The natural state just indicates what the element is.

Natural chromium is not, however, it has isotopes that are

Natural isotopes of chromium are not radioactive.

The faces of the presidents carved into Mount Rushmore are manmade, but the granite into which the faces are carved is natural.

Chromium is a natural chemical element, metal, solid (no animal !).

Natural chromium is stable and does not decay/

Mercury is element #80 of the natural elements.

Ireland is a physical place, so it is natural.

Natural. I was looking for the same thing, and I found out it is a natural metal

Natural resources are those that you can find out in nature. Manmade resources are resources that must be manufactured or made by humans.

The most important mineral of chromium is chromite: FeCr2O4.

The most important mineral of chromium is chromite - FeCr2O4.

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it is decaying panda bones, so therefore it is natural

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