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Is cinnamon good for people with diabetes?

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I'm a type 1 diabetic and have found that

cinnamon lowers blood sugar, so use with caution.

2010-02-21 17:40:18
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What are some cinnamon snack recipes for people with diabetes?

Cinnamon snack recipes such as cinnamon french toast and granola with raisins, apples, and cinnamon are great for people with diabetes. If you have diabetes, you can also replace sugar with cinnamon in snacks and meals.

Does cinnamon do anything for Diabetes?

Cinnamon can lower some things involved in your diabetes. It is mainly considered just a natural remedy. For more information concerning cinnamon with diabetes, has some good information about it.

Is cinnamon vitamins good for you?

Cinnamon contains vitamins C, K, and manganese. Some people with type two diabetes take it. I personally don't feel it is that beneficial.

What are the effects of cinnamon on a person with diabetes?

There are actually studies that show that cinnamon can actually help people with diabetes treat their symptoms.���cinnamon.htm

How is cinnamon good?

Cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar. Preventing diabetes. To get the most benefits- eat 1 gram of cinnamon each day. Hope this helps.

How does cinnamon help with diabetes?

Although cinnamon is often touted as providing help in controlling diabetes, researchers do not agree on the idea. The American Diabetes Association is one group that denies that cinnamon is at all effective in diabetes treatment. A discussion of several opinions can be found at Web MD:

How cinnamon is good to reduce diabities?

Instead of using sugar to give food flavor, you can use cinnamon, which has no glucose (sugar). People with diabetes have to eat sugar in moderation, so using cinnamon as a substitute for sugar is a good way to cut down on sugar. Cinnamon also helps to regulate blood sugar, so it's very healthy for people with diabetes. But never consume more than one tablespoon per day. More than one tablespoon can make you sick because of the natural oils in the cinnamon.

What health benefits does Cinnamon have for diabetes?

There is no health benefits to Cinnamon in regards to diabetes. Cinnamon can be used as a substitute for sugar which is a causation for diabetes, however. Cinnamon as most herbs are more healthy than granulated sugar or sugared products. Simply use cinnamon to replace sugar and that can provide a benefit to diabetes. But is it more important to get medical advice on how to treat diabetes instead of embarking solo on a mission of a cure all substitute.

Are there any alternative or holisitic remedies or cures for diabetes?

I have heard that cinnamon pills can help with people who have diabetes. The pills are very affordable and can be found at a lot of stores.

Is cinnamon good for diabetes?

Yes, It lowers blood sugar. You can also lower blood sugar by taking large quantities of Chromium PicolinateCinnamon for diabetes is believed to control glucose level by nourishing digestive system and effectively support glucose metabolism.

Can too much cinnamon cause diabetes?

Cinnamon is one of the world's natural wonders, and one can never have enough of it. It is not harmful to the body, and as such it will not cause any problems such as diabetes.

What does cinnamon control or prevent?

Cinnamon prevents tooth decay and may control sugar levels in Diabetes.

What is a good natural diabetes treatment?

A lot of the cures to diabetes seem to be vegetables,herbs,spices and fruits or parts of vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs. For example Cinnamon and banana leaves seem to be popular. These are Natural diabetes treatment

Is cinnamon good for diabetic people on a diet?

Cinnamon is an excellent spice to consume for diabetics. It has been discovered that cinnamon may act like insulin and help your body better cope with diabetes. Here's more information about it:

Can any cinnamon cure diabetes?

Cinnamon has been said to benefit those with diabetes but it will not be a cure all for your son. You need to reduce and/or eliminate the sweets in your child's diet, make him eat more vegetables and protein, drink more water, and exercise more frequently. WebMD offers information about cinnamon and diabetes connections.

Are cinnamon apples good for you?

Apples are very good for you, and cinnamon can't hurt you. Therefore cinnamon apples are good for you.

Does cinnamon spice help control diabetes type 2?


Is cinnamon sugar bad for diabetics?

It could be bad for someone with diabetes. The important thing is to control carbohydrates. Sugar has more carbs than many foods, so it is not the best choice. However, cinnamon is good, so cinnamon sugar may be a reasonable compromise to other sweeteners.

What is a good type of diabetes?

There is NO type of 'good' diabetes, but the one your looking for is probably type 1 diabetes. People are usually born with that type. Type 2 diabetes is the one people get if they're overweight, don't exercise, and they eat junk all the time.

Do people without diabetes benefit from a diabetic diet?

A diet for diabetes is also a good diet for many people who do not suffer from diabetes. It is especially a good ida for anyone who is at risk or who has a family history of diabetes. Here is one web resource . Alos helpful is the American Diabetes Association at .

What is the history of cinnamon?

the history of cinnamon is that it tast good!!

How can diabetes be treated without medications?

many people dont know that cinnamon is helpful in curing blood sugar level. also juice of grapes is gud

What does Glucose do for people?

it can be bad and it can be good. the good thing is that it keeps you cool. If you have too much you can get Diabetes. (Diabetes is bad just in case you didn't know)

What are some good type one diabetes diets?

If you are looking for health tips for diabetics, has advice for people with all medical conditions. The site gives good advice for people with diabetes.

What can people with diabetes eat?

There is a very good link below. Click on it !