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Any questions about discharge or anything that has to do with your pegnancy that causes concern go to your doctor and ask them to see if everything is ok. It's a lot better to ask the question and find out nothing is wrong, then to not ask the question have something wrong and then later find out that it could have possibly been fixed or prevented. I hope this helps and everything is ok. Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: Is clear clot like discharge normal when pregnant It looks like a blood clot but absolutely clear?
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You just had your period but now you are seeing pink discharge Could you be pregnant?

it is probably just your normal discharge and blood mixed together :)

Is it normal to have discharge while on your period?

It depends on what type of discharge. If the discharge is blood, then of course it is normal.

Is it normal to have clear sticky vaginal discharge at 1 month pregnant?

Yes, perfectly. You should be worried about blood or pinkish mucus. Yes,vaginal discharge increase while pregnant becasue of the increase in blood flow to the area.

Is it normal for blood to come out of a pregnant woman's breast?

yeah its pretty common that along with early milk discharge

Is brown discharge normal after using Metronidazole vaginal gel when pregnant?

Yes even if not pregnant. Its clearing out all the bacteria. Mostly dry blood

I am pregnant and have blood like discharge. is it normal?

Yes! some people get periods and a bloody discharge(spotting) during pregnancy! Congratulations on bringing a new life in this world!

When you are pregnant can blood still discharge from your vagina?


35 weeks pregnant with a light brown discharge is this normal?

Yes! I also had light brown discharge at 35 weeks. Asked my obgyn and she said it was normal and is just a result of some old blood from the cervix that needs to be shed.

Can you be pregnant and your discharge looks like blood?

Yes if the discharge is a very dark brown colour it will look like blood.

Do you have increase in discharge when you're pregnant?

Yes, you have increased vaginal discharge while pregnant. If the discharge is green or dark yellow or brownish or blood tinged. Call a doctor.

Is it normal to only have brown discharge and no blood during a miscarriage?

Yes it is normal to have brown discharge and no blood during a miscarriage. Brown blood is 'dead blood' and red is fresh. Your body is getting rid of waste materials.

Is it normal to have a white discharge with pregnancy?

If the discharge does not itch or smell it is probably completely normal and due to the increased blood supply to the area.

Is it normal to discharge when you are 14 weeks pregnant?

An increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very common. It should be white or creamy and not blood-stained, itchy or smelly. If it is any of these see your doctor as you might have an infection.

Is it normal to have lots of red discharge when your pregnant?

Any blood coloured discharge is not normal during pregnancy and should be investigated by your Doctor or midwife. When you are close to giving birth, you will experience red discharge because this is your cervical plug coming away, and preparing for labour. Either way, you need to speak to your Midwife. Congratulations.

What does it mean when you have clear discharge with small blood clots?

You're probably pregnant and you're experiencing implatantion discharge.

I had a brown discharge a week before i was supposed to start then I started my period but it was not like normal now I have a brown discharge again could I be pregnant?

it could be old blood fomr your last period. It all depends if u had sexuall activities i could be old blood or you got this discharge from having unportected sex it depends

Is a brown discharge normal after period?

Brown discharge after menses is perfectly normal. As the flow of blood slows down it takes longer for it to expel from the body therefore turning brown becoming "old" blood.

Is there a chance of getting pregnant after a month of delivery and still has blood discharges?

Absolutely yes, many women ovulate about 2 weeks after delivery. However if your discharge is still bloody a month after delivery that is NOT normal and you should see a doctor. However if it went away and has come back it may be you period.

Is it normal to have drops of blood come out of vagina while pregnant?


5 weeks pregnant with continuos brown discharge for 5 days is that normal?

i would ask your GP to be sure but my DR told me brown blood is ok as its old blood,i had brownish discharge for a week when i was 8 weeks with my daughter and the same thing happened when i was 7 weeks with my son

Why do i have pink discharge after sex?

Maybe it is discharge and little spots of blood. This can be normal to bleed but if you are not sure then definatly go to the doctor!

Brownish discharge mid-cycle is this normal?

Yes, it is just the blood getting mixed with your period blood

If you were 2 weeks late for your period took a hpt and there was a faint line but then had light bleeding for three days and 4 days after started to have brown spotting am you still pregnant?

if the pregnancy test was positive then you are pregnant. Sometimes there will be a really faint line that disappears before the test is complete. If it was positive unless you have a normal RED discharge you should still be pregnant. There is a lot of pain and cramping with a miscarriage. It is normal after becoming pregnant that you would discharge old blood that wasn't used by the embryo.

Does a female cat anal have a fluid like sometime blood is this normal?

No, this is absolutely not normal. Get her to the vet asap.

Why having white blood before menstruation?

There is no such thing as white blood, so what you are experiencing before menstruation is discharge. Discharge amounts in females vary, but white discharge that does not have any smell is perfectly normal. The function of discharge is to keep the vagina clean and moist.