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Is coffee high in uric acid?

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No food/drink contains uric acid. It's produced from the metabolism of purines taken through diet in the body, purines coming from animal food products for example.

Because coffee is made from living cells it has purines which are responsible for the production of uric acid. However drinking coffee is not a serious uric acid producer.

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What are the foods with a high uric acid content?

Foods that have a high uric acid content include: meat, alcohol, coffee, and dairy products. These kind of foods can cause stress to appear on your kidney.

What are fruits high in uric acid?

there are no fruits high in purines/uric acid

What blood test indicates high uric acid?

"The ''uric acid test" is ordered if the doctor suspects high levels of uric acid''

Is anchovies high in uric acid?

Yes , they are high in Uric Acid and can contribute to gout .

Are carrots high in uric acid?

Carrots contain no uric acid.

Is squid high in uric acid?

i dont know. yes. i think it is high in uric acid.

Is cherry high in uric acid?

Cherries help in reducing the uric acid.

Eggplant has uric acid?

Yes, eggplant has high level of uric acid in them.

Is corn high in uric acid?

please let me know if corn ( vegatables) is high uric acid

Is mushroom high in uric acid?

Mushrooms are high in purines which convert int uric acid in the body.

Are radishes high in uric acid?

yes. radishes contain high uric acid. espceially in gobi

how high of uric acid called gout?

Low blood sugar

What are foods with high amounts of uric acid?

Some tasty foods high in uric acid are meats and diary coffee and alcohol. Eating a variey of these foods and drinks can cause stress on the kidneys but it can be balanced out by eating healthy foods.

Is fish high in uric acid?

Yes fish is usually high in purines which is what is turned into uric acid by the body.

Is eggplant contain high uric acid?

No eggplant low uric acid content

Is quaker oat high in uric acid?

Quaker oat has no relation to Uric acid

What is the medical term meaning high blood uric acid levels?

Hyperuriecemia is high blood uric acid level.

Is bread high in uric acid?

The yeast in bread is fairly high in purines whic are metabolised into uric acid in the blood.

Is prawn high uric?

Prawn are high in purines which leads to the production of uric acid.

What happens if you have high uric acid?

the person having high uric can have gouty artritis

Is it true that rheumatoid arthritis can be cause from a high level of uric acid in the blood?

NO. there is no connection with uric acid and RA. High Uric acid can lead to gouty arthritis if it turns to uric acid crystals in the blood. RA on the other hand is an autoimmune disease,

Does uric acid affect the kidneys?

High uric acid levels, and uric acid crystals may accumulate in the kidneys and form kidney stones, or in the bladder. However kidney problems are not necessarily caused by high uric acid as high uric acid levels may be the result of renal insufficiency. Yes,it can if crystals are formed as a result of uric acid in the situation where gout becomes a problem can diminish the function of the kidney, the kidney by the way is also the main organ required to filter out uric acid.

Are green beans high in uric acid?

Green beans are very low uric acid. -They are one of the best foods to reduce uric acid in the body.

Is melon high in uric acid?


Are walnuts high in uric acid?