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Is college in Colorado free if you live there a year before you attend?

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No. But it will be less expensive if you should choose to live in Colorado for a year before attending college there.

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Should state college be free to attend?


Is it free to attend a college lacrosse game?

It depends on the college but most are not that expensive.

Can you attend college for free in California?

No college is technically free. However, if you gain scholarships and grants, it appears that you are going to school for free.

Why Should state college be free to attend?

yes, colleges should be free to attend because .... will we can start because there are alot of opportunities that sometimes people are waiting for but the only problem in them is that they don't have the money necessary to pay there children's a big opportunity that the never had before

The GI bill of rights made it possible for what?

veterans to attend college for free.(:

Where can I attend college free in Michigan free i want to study computer technology?

I suggest you contact your local community college. Generally they are low cost or free and will have classes like what you want to do.

Where can a person go to attend a free poker game?

Some colleges, depending on the state, have authorized poker clubs on college campuses. Not only do they teach the rules of the game, but anyone who wishes to attend a game is welcome to attend for free.

Where can students with ADHD find help to pay for college in Colorado?

One website I know of is Free Colorado Grants and Scholarships. This is the same website but you can also try typing in The College Grants Database. This helped my good friend who had ADHD and autism. They can help you with a free grant or scholarship.

Why do you want to attend college?

I want to attend college to make my future bright ,to being a role model for world ,to shine the name of Pakistan and then my parents ,to give the free education to the poor peoples and the areas where there is terrorism in Pakistan .

Can a senior citizen attend college as an undergrad when she only has a GED?

Some colleges also offer certain courses free of charge to senior citizens as well. Yes a senior citizen can attend college as an undergrad with a GED. Good luck and go for it!!!!

Must you be a student of a school before applying for an academic scholarship?

No. Most scholarships are given to accepted applicants before they even make the decision which school to attend. Be aware of deadlines, many students lose out on free money for college because they miss scholarship deadlines.

What day is tax free shopping day in Colorado?

I have researched this and COLORADO does NOT have a tax free shopping day. :(

What places offer free tutoring in Cape Coral FL?

It depends on what you need the tutoring for. If you are a high school student, you should be able to receive free tutoring through the school you attend. If you are a college student, you should not expect to receive free tutoring at all (unless your college pays for it).

How many years of college do you have to attend to become a paramedic?

depends if you live in the u.k and have a levels it will take 1 year and is free as paid by the government.

Was college ever free in California?

I believe that years ago, California residents could attend community or junior colleges at no cost. I don't believe that state universities or colleges were free.

Is college in Tennessee free to residents?

In February of 2014 a bill passed in Congress to allow free tuition for residents within the state of Tennessee. There are stipulations on this benefit including the fact that residents can only get 2 years of college tuition paid if they attend a community college or trade school within the state.

I have pay for my college or Is free?

I have pay for my college or is free for me

Are there free cna classes in colorado springs, colorado?

Many nursing homes provide free cna training for their employees.

Could a pretty decent player make college tryouts even if they haven't played since they were a kid or do you have to be recruited?

You don't have to be recruited to play sports in college. Most every team has a try-out period before the season. Anyone is free to attend and many non-recruited athletes end up making the team.

where can i attend free cna training courses in allentown, pa?

Lehigh Carbon Community College offers a free training course for preparing to be a CNA. It is for students and covers 72 hours worth of information.

Why should college be free?

who said college should be free?

Is college tuition free in Minnesota?

College tuition in Minnesota is free to residents in certain areas. For Instance, residents who graduate from a Saint Paul public school can attend Saint Paul College for free for two years and can then qualify to move onto Metropolitan University for their four year degree at no cost. Same goes for Minneapolis residents who graduate from a Minneapolis public school the can attend MCTC for free for two years. Funding comes from a combination of financial aid, grants and scholarships through The Power of You program. You must have a gross income of less than $75,000

Is college free in New York if you live there for a year?

Depends on the college, but almost no college is free.

I'm already in college how do I get a free grant?

How do i get free college grant to help pay for college

Is it true that Stevens henager GED classes are only free if you plan to attend the college afterwords?

I work at a high school and was curious about the same thing so called and spoke with a representative at Stephens Henager. They assured me that students are not required to attend the college afterwards. Of course, that doesn't mean that students might not be subtly pressured to attend Stephens Henager, but that's up to the strength of the person to say "no".