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Is composition a schwa word?

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This depends on your pronunciation.

For me there is no schwa in composition. But some people might pronounce the 'o' in the second syllable - po - as a schwa.

The words herd or bird have a schwa in them. (for my pronunciation).

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Is cardinal a schwa word?

Yes it is. The schwa for the word "cardinal" is "a".

Is about a schwa word?

Yes. The "a" in about is a schwa.

Where is the schwa on the word content?

The schwa is in the first syllable of content. Con Tent. the schwa would be on the con.AnswerThere is no schwa in "content". A schwa is an elided vowel, and both "o" and "e' are pronounced clearly in this word.

Does the word preview contain the schwa sound?

The schwa is the "uh" sound...as in the word "about" - pronounced Uh-bout. So, no, the word "preview" does no contain the schwa sound.

Is there the schwa sound the word open?

There is indeed a schwa sound in the word 'open'. [ˈəʊ.pən]

Does the word again have the schwa sound?

Yes, the first -a is a schwa.

Where is the schwa sound in mountain?

There is no "schwa" sound in the word mountain.

What does the schwa sound like with an a?

I also had to learn about schwa so this is the answer- Schwa ends with an a so that's why, but direction is a schwa word too.

Does garage have the schwa sound?

Yes, some garages does have the schwa sound

Does Pleasure have schwa sound?

yes.the word pleasure have schwa sound.

What is the schwa sound in qualify?

schwa sound in the word canoe .

Does the word alone have the schwa sound?

Yes, the A is a schwa or "uh" sound.

Does the word climb contain a schwa sound?

The only vowel sound in the word climb is not a schwa sound.

Does your word have the schwa sound?

The schwa sound is the inderterminate unstressed vowel in the word the.(Except when the is followed by a word starting with a vowel.)

Does the word angels have the schwa sound?

That is right; the second syllable is pronounced with a schwa.

Is there a schwa sound in the word the?

The word 'the' can be pronounced in different ways depending on context. It is sometimes pronounced with the schwa when the following word begins with a consonant.

What is the schwa in the word whistle?

This depends on how you pronounce whistle. The way I pronounce whistle there is no schwa. But some people may pronounce the -i- as a schwa.

How do you determine if a word has the schwa sound?

Say it out loud and listen to yourself for the SCHWAsound in it.

Does the word then have the schwa sound?

No because if you pronounce it correctly you will understand and see that it does not have the sound schwa in it.

How many schwa sounds does the word await have?

The initial a is a schwa. The ai is the letter a sound.

Does the word achieve have a schwa sound?

Yes. The first A is pronounced as a schwa (uh) sound.

Does Given have a schwa sound?

Yes. In the word 'given', the schwa occurs on the 'en' syllable.

Does the word motive have a schwa sound?

No. The syllable -ive is usually considered a short I, not a schwa.

What is the schwa vowel sound in?

An example of the schwa vowel sound is the sound the letter a makes in the word "about".

Does often has the schwa sound?

Indeed, the second syllable of the word often contains the schwa sound.

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