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Is comprehensive insurance covered with liability insurance?

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No, it's a separate coverage that you may purchase.

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No. Liability insurance covers damage you do to someone else's property. Theft would be covered by comprehensive insurance. In most jurisdictions, liability insurance is required but comprehensive is not.

No, vandalism is covered by comprehensiveinsurance.

definition of comprehensive & liability insurance

Comprehensive general liability insurance covers businesses against many liability exposures of a business. Comprehensive general liability insurance coverage includes completed operations, elevators, independent contractors, and more.

The structure is covered but the contents of the restaurant are not. For instance, your ovens, sinks, dishes fixtures, tables,etc would not be covered. You must have liability insurance for the CONTENTS of the restaurant. I don't know everything about insurance, but I do know that liability insurance won't replace your furnishings. You will need the commercial equivalent of the comprehensive part of Homeowners Insurance.

You must have comprehensive coverage in order to recover on a claim from your insurance company if your vehicle is stolen. Liability only is just that, liability for your legal liability for damage or injuries to others.

Comprehensive Liability Insurance means protection against claims of property damage or personal injury when filming on public property. This is a very accurate definition.

No. That would come under comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive motor insurance usually covers bodily harm or damage caused by an accident. The comprehensive insurance also cover the liability of the car damages in regards to collision coverage. When deciding on collision coverage, it is important to consider the age of the vehicle to determine if comprehensive or full coverage is needed on the vehicle or if collision insurance would be the appropriate choice.

passengers in my car should be covered since the california car insurance law requirement does not distinguish as to which person is covered by bodily injury liability insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers theft. Liability & Collision do not.

Generally, you can't buy comprehensive without first buying liability coverage. Liability covers damage you do in an accident if it is your fault. Comprehensive will not even pay for your vehicle in an accident. It only covers fire, theft, vandalism, animal collision, etc.

Yourself and the cargo you are carrying should be covered under this insurance. It also protects your company from liability in case of an accident or emergency.

If you are in a business that involves the risk of accidents, you can be sued for large amounts of money in the event of an accident, therefore you need comprehensive general liability insurance to protect you if you were to lose a large lawsuit. That is incorrect. I had comprehensive general liability on my Motorcycle. Wrecked it an was not covered because I did not have colllision coverage. General Liability covers the injuries, repairs of others involved in a wreck where you are found at fault including property, for the amounts stated in your policy. Also there are statewide minimums for each category. Your vehicle is not covered. If you are hit the other drivers insurance pays for your vehicle, if they are uinsured then your policy pays because you are required to have uninsured protection on your policy. If you wreck your car you do not get it repaired by your insurance company with liability. Comprehensive covers damaged to your vehicle incurred by weather, fire, vandalism, etc.. When you get comprehensive coverage you will select a deductible that you must pay and your insurance will pay the rest. For example: a tree branch falls on your car while it is parked somewhere. Comprehensive coverage is for that.

Liabilty will not cover damage from a collision with a deer no matter what insurance company you have. Animal collisions are covered under "Comprehensive" or "Other Than Collision" coverage. Liability only covers damage you do when you are at fault.

General liability covers Public and Producs Liability, therefore by having General Liability cover, public liability is covered also.

NO, liability covers damage you do to someone else's property. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle by someone else. If you have no comprehensive, then you will need to look to their insurance for recovery of damages.

Comprehensive coverage will usually cover you if you hit a deer. Coverage may be optionally covered under comprehensive or collision in some states. If you do not actually hit the deer and have a collision, it would only be covered under collision insurance.

You will need professional liability insurance, this will just help ensure that you are covered. A physician's assistant is usually covered through the physician's professional liability insurance but it never hurts to have your own on top of that.

There are many different types of insurance policies to choose from, including comprehensive and liability. When choosing a policy, be sure to consider the cost and your basic needs.

"Basic" is vague. Generally speaking, there are two main categories of insurance: liability (which covers other people) and comprehensive (which covers your vehicle). If you have liability insurance only, it most likely won't cover theft of your motorcycle. You should talk to your insurance agent to be sure that what you want covered is covered, and that you're not paying for coverage you don't want (and aren't legally obligated to have).

Liability insurance only covers someone else in the case that you are responsible for damages caused in a collision. Comprehensive coverage will cover a driver that you hit, as well as cover yourself for any damages inflicted during a collision.

In most states you need a Comprehensive insurance plan to cover Auto glass replacement. If you only have Liability like most people you'll have to replace the glass out of pocket.

If the person broke your windshield as part of the damage in an accident and they have liability insurance on their car (which is required by law), yes their liability will cover your windshield as well as other damages to your car, person, and passengers.In all other conditions, no as glass damage is covered by your own comprehensive insurance (if you purchased it, its optional).

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