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A computer monitor is hardware.

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A computer monitor - is a piece of hardware.

The computer software tells the hardware what to do. Without the hardware, the software would not exist. Without the software, the hardware would be useless.

both a hardware and software

NO. Computer hardware is a completely different part of the computer system from the Software. Software is not a physical Item like hardware.

Hardware, all the physical part of computer system that can be touched are termed as hardware, such as keyboard, mouce, moniter and other peripheral devices and components. Softwaer, software refers to the collection of instructions (programs) that makes hardware

System software are the software that controls the hardware attaches to the computer.

Hardware is a component of a computer that you can touch like your hard drive, mouse and screen. Software are the programs on your computer. Software runs on hardware. Software is interfaced with hardware.

Hardware has two meanings , It can be a piece of equipment used to store software e.g. the moniter of a computer. Or it can be a something you use to clean with e.g A brush. I hope this helped.

The operating system can control the software and hardware in a computer. It is the most important piece of software in a computer.

No, McAfee virus protection is not hardware. Instead, it is a software program. Hardware is the physical parts of a computer, but software is computer code. So an antivirus program is software, not hardware.

The software of a computer is the programs on the computer, for example a word processor. The hardware of a computer are the physical parts of the computer, for example the mouse.

A VIRTUAL computer or virtual machine is software that stimulates the hardware of a physical computer.

Software is installed on the computer. Anything that is a physical component of the machine is hardware.

Computer hardware is the physical computer part, accessory or component. Hardware refers to a thing. Software is the program that runs on the hardware. It is the code that tells the hardware what to do,not a physical thing you can touch.

As we know that software is of 2 types but os guided all the computer hardware as well as other software

How i can learn computer hardware & software , at home sitting .

A printer is hardware. Software is the generic name for any computer program.

The use of a computer hardware inventory software is to have all the information of the computer that someone owns. Each software company has its own.

Software refers to instructional information that directs the activities of the computer hardware or helps the user control the hardware components of the computer

The hardware and software that people use to communicate with the computer include the mouse, visual display and the keyboard. Drivers are the software that the computer needs for the hardware to work.

Hardware is any physical component of a computer, Which needs instructions to know how it is expected to operate or use special features built into the hardware. These instructions come in the form of software. They tell a device what it is able to do and how it can do it.

Software and hardware are two entirely different things.

Hardware is the guts of your computer such as the sound card video card and so on. Software is the programs that are on your computer.