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Is concentrated hydrochloric acid a suitable acid for alcohol dehydration?


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No. Even concentrated hydrochloric acid contains much water. Concentrated sulfuric acid, which can be completely anhydrous, is much more effective as dehydrating agent.

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Alcohol is a diuretic. By inhibiting the production of vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone), it can cause dehydration. It's the dehydration that makes you thirsty.

Methyl alcohol reacts with hydrochloric acid to form methyl chloride and water. CH3OH + HCl --> CH3Cl + H2O

Yes, it can because alcohol make you more dehydrated.

Not a good idea. Alcohol is a diuretic, and alcohol consumption leads to dehydration, which greatly complicates bronchitis.

No, distilling the alcohol purifies it and makes it more concentrated.

Prolonged, repeated dehydration.

all alcohol dehydrates your body

If you only water a plant with rubbing alcohol, it will die of dehydration.

alcohol causes dehydration which makes you more vulnerable to heat stroke

Drinking alcohol can lead to dehydration, which in turn causes muscles to be sore.

No. Alcohol is a diruetic, leading to dehydration, which would be counter productive and further constipate you.

Yes, dehydration is one mechanism for producing polymers. A poly-alcohol reacting with a poly-acid with removal of water (dehydration) will produce a polyester for example.

alcohol displaces water in your body. Your hangover is a type of dehydration always drink lots of water after drinking alcohol.

Alcohol is a diuretic, and most of the hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration.

Keeping your body hydrated is very important and drinking alcohol will cause dehydration. Avoid alcohol

After drinking alcohol, the brain becomes fuzzy because of dehydration. Also due to alcohol fumes, it becomes fuzzy.

When alcohol is heated and boiled, the alcohol will evaporate, leaving you with a liquid which has a concentrated taste of the drink, but without the alcoholic content.

Alcohol consumption can result in varying degrees of dehydration and dehydration can certainly cause muscle cramps. However, in general, a glass of wine or one beer with a meal will not cause muscle cramps, it takes a lot more alcohol than that.

Alcohol dehydrates you. Dehydration is a precipitating factor of sickle cell crises.

It is not recommended. Alcohol causes dehydration so may irritate your eyes.

Drinking alcohol can speed up the process of dehydration and lead to serious health issues.

Alcohol in and of itself does not show in a CBC test (Complete Blood Count). But, the effects of alcohol, such as dehydration, is shown because dehydration makes the blood thicker, stickier, and so it elevates certain components of the test. Tell your doctor if you regularly drink.

Because it causes dehydration. drinking water and alcohol together wil avoid this in most cases.

Alcohol causes dehydration , when your drinking alcohol it is a good idea to have a glass of water in between to re-hydrate yourself.

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