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Is condensation part of the water cycle?


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yes it is condensation or rain are part of the water cycle.

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the water cycle encompasses the condensation cycle as it is a part of it and is an integral part of getting the contents of the evap. to rain on the people

Reversible processes are involved in water cycle. These are evaporation and condensation.

Condensation is the reverse process of evaporation. It converts vapors back to water.

Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, and Accumulation.

they are both part of the water cycle

yes, they do. all part of the water cycle :)

Condensation and precipitation involves releasing water into atmosphere. These are the part of water cycle.

In the water cycle, condensation, is where water vapor cools, and forms into water droplets. water cycle

The last answer was just illogical. Condensation is water droplets in the water cycle.

Condensation converts gas back to water. It is 2nd step of water cycle.

well... there's evaporation, and condensation, and transpiration.

All are physical processes; collection is not a part of water cycle.

Condensation is the water inside of your water bottle.

condensation is a build up of water

the water cycle, collection is also part of it.

Condensation causes dew to form.

Dew forms during condensation.

The water on the outside of the cup is an example of condensation.

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